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  1. Did you try the "inspect element trick"? Your app might be approved but just waiting on the card to be printed/activated.
  2. With only one exception (initial carry application submitted before the wave of renewals late last year), everything's always been processed within a week before the deadline. FOID update started to move around ~27th day in and CCL update started moving through the process around day 85.
  3. Update: mine went Active yesterday (after QC_Verified this past Thursday and Approved this past Friday), so I'd assume yours should be coming soon (if you did prints). Looks like for an address change at least, the FOID update has no effect on the CCL processing time.
  4. I submitted my change of address on Aug 4th. The foid came about 5 weeks later, but still waiting on the updated CCLI think your right Bubbacs, I'm close to 3 months now, and still says under review/submitted. Yeah for some reason it looks like it starts after the FOID goes active again (haven't been able to 100% confirm this though). If this is the case, the system likely still sees our apps at day ~50ish rather than day 80ish. Have you tried getting in touch with ISP about where your app is at in the process?
  5. Yeah I saw those, guess it'll be good data about the actual process at least if it does take 30+ more days (hopefully not) due to FOID change having to process first. By holding stronger do you mean that more apps are getting issued on time when the window is 120 days vs. 90 days?
  6. Update: CCL is still sitting at "submitted" 84 days in. Does the typical 90-day window still apply to address updates (I have prints on file) and/or does the clock on CCL only start once FOID update is processed?
  7. Good luck to you! My new FOID was active on 8/30 (literally 30 full days after I submitted the application) but CCL update is sitting at submitted 57 days in (not surprised given the recent news piece by NBC on CCL processing delays). Had a friend recently do his renewal, I told him he'll be lucky to get his new permit by new year's lol.
  8. Approved as of 12pm today, Active as of 5pm. Maybe they really are doing things more efficiently.
  9. Status for FOID went QC_Verified today (finally), CCL is still submitted (unsurprisingly). Noticed that my apartment number was changed from format "APT X" to "#X", I'd hope this doesn't cause any issues with the CCL update?
  10. That...sounds like a circus of a process, I'm surprised they even still take paper applications. Was it calling them that finally pushed your CCL out of "submitted" status?
  11. You got both cards at the same time after 5 months? Did you do prints for your initial CCL?
  12. I called ISP back in July and they verified that both cards remain valid/active, just it's annoying to have to wait for new cards with the correct address.
  13. Sent in my address change request for FOID and CCL back on 7/30, as of today both sit at "SUBMITTED" status. Was wondering, for FOID at least is it subject to the 30-day window (like new applications), the 60-day window (like renewals), or is there even a time bound at all per statute?
  14. Anyone know if name/address changes are subject to the 30 day time frame (same as initial applications), or is it the 60 day time frame (same as renewals)?
  15. Makes sense, thanks. From what I've read earlier on in this thread it seems standard defensive carry ammo is ok though? Also, any idea how they'd ask you for the signature if you live in an apartment (as opposed to a house where they can just walk up and ring your doorbell for delivery)?
  16. If you have a weekday to spare, try calling until you get the hold message ("The ISP is receiving a high number of calls, please continue to hold") instead of the hangup recording. I was able to get in contact with ISP this way recently after a few attempts and a ~20 min hold time.
  17. Update: didn't find anything on YouTube or their website referring to the videos. No new vids re FOID on the Facebook page either. Wonder if the idea fizzled out?
  18. Anyone here seen these yet? ISP says they'll be releasing a series of videos on how to do a FOID renewal application, and already posted vids on how to create an account/contact the customer service center. Anyone know if there'll be any videos regarding CCL/stuff such as name and address changes, lost cards etc. as well?
  19. Tell me about it, I called around May of last year re my FOID application status and someone picked up almost right away (and I called around lunch time to boot). Anyone know if ISP's been defunded at all under the new admin or is it just the rush of renewals?
  20. Interesting, it's confusing that that issue would manifest itself as a coding error and not simply a message stating that the CCL change has to process first. So they eventually called you back then, or did you end up going through the main customer service line?
  21. Someone did say that both cards remain valid during the process per ISP, but I've also heard that new purchases have been declined during changes as well. Now that I think about it, I wonder if this just might've been the FFL refusing to accept the FOID/DL with two different addresses (rather than FTIP responding that the FOID's no good)?
  22. It's my understanding that new gun purchases won't be cleared until a new FOID is received, but are you still clear to go to a range and/or purchase ammo while address change is under review? I also have heard that CCL remains good while in this process, but would it be advisable to carry around the address change confirmation/is out of state reciprocity carry affected at all by this process?
  23. I believe they just need the FOID front and back. If they want anything else they will ask. Technically FedEx and UPS stores aren't supposed to hold ammo or similar, but I've done it a few times and not heard any complaint from FedEx or UPS about it. If you're not home they may leave a notice asking you to go get it from the distribution center or request redelivery. Thanks, this was helpful. Do they usually contact you to schedule a delivery time then? Also, are there any restrictions wrt Chicago ordinances as to what types of ammo you can order (I've heard places such as MidwayUSA are finicky about this)?
  24. Was thinking of maybe trying Target Sports out for my next purchase (after browsing their site I almost wonder how much of a markup most brick-and-mortar stores are using). They asked for my FOID when I created my account (which I uploaded), do they only need the front side of the permit/do they need your DL as well or anything else? Also, do you need to be physically home when they deliver or can it be held somewhere if you're not home (like a secure access locker or FedEx/UPS store/pickup location)?
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