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  1. My post got me started thinking negatively when I read about the “armed citizen” in Indiana mall and the no guns sign there. Indiana no force of law but here at home “illegal and he would be charged. Just grumbling
  2. I kind of understand what you mean there and thanks for helping me see the trees in the forest.
  3. Probably been brought up before but… wouldn’t it have been easier for us Il-annoy ccw folks to put out a list of the 3 or 4 places you can carry than the umpteen dozen you can’t? I just reviewed our law on handgunlaw.us and it’s still mind boggling of the no no no places. At least the citizen that stopped the shooter Greenwood Mall don’t have worry about carrying in the mall there even the though the mall posted no carry - it doesn’t have force of law in Indiana from what I read. Brrrrrrrr
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