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  1. We didn't have Heller and McDonald. You're all living in a post Heller world when Mortong Grove's handgun ban was found to be constitutional
  2. A motion to appeal was filed on 11/20/18. An extension was requested on 1/23/19 Another extention was requested on 3/12/19 with the court saying this is the final extension briefs due on 4/26 Then there will be the reply brief from the defandant and then, there will be a reply from the state to which they will dawdel and most likely ask for an extension. So may not get before the Court till October. Right about the time New York is being heard. So depending, we could go up after New York. And have the benefit of those orals. and depending on how long delayed, could even see a ruling in the interum. this may toss a monkey wrench into some of those things going on at the capitol.
  3. Firearms Technical Group d/b/a Spartan Suppressors 210 Commercial Drive Unit B Yorkville, IL 60560 The wait starts when you buy/order your gun
  4. I DON'T USE PMs. I have an email address for a reason. Tvandermyd@aol.com
  5. anyone in this 6/2 batch can email me and I will forward your name to ISP. They tell me they need the names so they can track them better and get an answer as to where they are in the process
  6. Old1free Some have said there is a YouTube video of me going at it with a certain state rep if some one knows of that link maybe they can post it and u just might see some of the hostility we went up against
  7. At the NRA leg policyncommittee meeting today, they said we could here something as soon as tommorow, but maybe on monday
  8. Email is best addy in post above is correct. Best to have the letters in hand hand a meeting with gov's office on the subject and other things yesterday It is possible i am told, to be under review-- being processed. Then kicked to the board, so you go under board review, then they lookmat it and kick it back to go back under review as being processed
  9. I am getting a lot of requests for help from people. lets go through a few things. . . . 1. If you are under review, just relax as they work the kinks out of the system. 2. if you are under board review, wait until a determination has been reached.it will be best to see the reason why. If you are rejected, please send me a write up/bio that may explain your situtation. include all relevent data. Also make sure to include full name, DOB, app# and a screen shot of the ISP app page of your info as well. If you are denied, same as above, and it will be best to have the rejection/denial letter copy of included to help us sort it out. Sending me an email saying you are rejected, denied or what ever, without all the info needed, only means more email traffic. So far it seem we are having a pretty decent record of getting things cleared up. But we are entering a new phase on this and we will see. HQ is looking at these things as well as a few others. But having ALL the information helps figure things out. and there are no secrets. there maybe mistakes, but there are no secrets. Todd tvandermyd 'at' aol.com
  10. Todd, did you get your CCL today? Just wondering. You should be among the first. No. Just started applying yesterday. some time ago I became a part time LE. So I didn't need to rush in. and have been fighting with ISP about their interpretation on the rules for LEs and such. I've tried to use the experience to help make things better, mostly concealed and such. there are far more other people that needed it and I am very happy that they got to apply, and are now getting their licenses. I'll get mine in a bit and we'll see how the process goes for me. So I can keep tabs on ISP. But thanks for the thought.
  11. I raise a green bottle to you all. Congrats. Enjoy And remember, let be careful out there. . . .
  12. Just ot a call from the retail merchants assn signs will be coming down
  13. I'm gonna take this thread in a bit of a different direction. Contact you county States Attorney and explain the situation to them. They will be the ones making the call to prosecute. A few of them setting the word out to cops and Wally World will go a long way.
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