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  1. I read that as a shot at Clarence Thomas. If it was, then it's a really sharp jab so early on.
  2. Accessing a computer that you shouldn't is one of the more servere federal crimes.
  3. My neighbors: "Why did the UPS guy back his truck up to your garage? I've never seen that before." Me: "I don't know, wife must have bought something off Amazon again."
  4. By the letter of the law that are already illegal. Why would you want to give an administrative body power to start enforcing that on a whim while allowing them to dodge the current legal proceedings?
  5. 6 years for man accused in mass shooting that injured 5 people - CWB Chicago I guess it is easier to disarm the law abiding than to incarcerate the people using firearms for crime. How does this even make a lick of sense?
  6. The second amendment specifically protects weapons that are militarily useful. This is wishful thinking on their part.
  7. It will be interesting when they take this to en banc saying the 3 judge panel used the wrong test.
  8. The scary part is that most people assume everyone else thinks just like them and puts the same thought processes on other people. That she believes these things means she probably thinks them. God help us if she ever shows up armed somewhere.
  9. So basically the ISP, in the face of some good questions about how all this works, said they were going to keep flying by the seat of their pants because the law makes no sense to them either. Ms. Tone Deaf and Ignorant had to show up for a victory lap and some finger wagging - oh and it appears she suckered a minion into tagging along. Sound about right?
  10. What is her purpose in being there? Why was she allowed to speak? I presume she does not possess a FOID and therefore would have no questions to ask of the ISP.
  11. "A Beach Park man was arrested in north suburban Antioch late Saturday night after bringing a loaded AR-15 rifle with a high-capacity drum magazine to a party, authorities said."
  12. They need to be able to say whether they would arrest someone given a certain set of facts. Police officers do not enforce the law directly, they enforce policy - policy that comes from their command staff.
  13. I wish the person asking the question would have jumped on them for giving such a flippant response and reminded them that their job is to enforce this law so they had better well be able to explain it.
  14. Feels a lot like when they started painting all the military equipment desert tan before anything happened. This and the ammo thing might not be about infringement.
  15. I got so mad when that fella Derek from vice grip garage did an episode with the demo ranch guy. The El Camino came out nice though.
  16. Story is he was drunk and crashed into another vehicle while leaving. Cops witnessed the hit and run and the rest is what you read. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid024MXiicxA9288RRJGzRzxYG7nn8B9XGGwXkiRWcgqh55wQCqjt3RBYoqNsaKPGPWtl&id=100064307874435&mibextid=F8iDaJ 5 rounds of green tip in a drum magazine and that optic...not sure how he got it zeroed way out there. That parked car is probably the first thing he hit in a while. 🤣🤣🤣
  17. This whole slowing down thing cuts both ways. If the cases drag on in the inferior courts they can't be used in the 2024 election to make the case for selecting democrats to"fix" the court. They are betting a lot on the composition of the court changing on its own this way.
  18. By that logic, just about any semi-automatic pistol is readily converted into an assault weapon by buying a threaded barrel and swapping it in. Can it be readily convertible if you can't buy the parts?
  19. They'd say "if he didn't have a gun this never would have happened". It kinda makes me wonder what would happen if someone dropped off a crate full of firearms at an MDA meeting. Would only the most alpha chad super mom demanding action emerge?
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