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  1. On 12/8/2023 at 12:07 PM, steveTA84 said:

    It’s a potential option. And the supplemental brief is great. Just in case anyone didn’t read it, guess who was defending Harmon?




    remember him?



    A political committee that helped expand the Democratic majority on the Illinois Supreme Court and was backed by Illinois Senate President Don Harmon emptied its bank account just weeks after being notified it faced one of the largest state election fines ever for failing to timely disclose millions of dollars it spent until after last November’s election.

    On Tuesday, the State Board of Elections issued a final order assessing $99,500 in fines against the All for Justice political action committee. The action followed a Tribune story earlier this year detailing the PAC’s reporting deficiencies as it spent more than $7.3 million on independent expenditures supporting Democratic Justices Elizabeth Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien, both of whom won their campaigns and increased the court’s Democratic majority to 5-2 from a previous 4-3 advantage.



    A day before All for Justice transferred its remaining cash to the Chicago Independent Alliance PAC, the alliance PAC also received a $200 donation from the Andreou & Casson law firm. It was the first contribution the alliance PAC had received in more than 4 ½ years.

    State election board officials said they moved forward with a final order to assess the fines against All for Justice — despite its empty bank account — by citing a provision in its administrative rules that makes the officers of a PAC “personally liable” for civil penalties if the PAC “lends or donates funds to a second political committee” while it owes fines to the State Board of Elections.

    Casson is the only officer of the All for Justice PAC, according to state election records.




    Wait. So if this makes it to a hearing he could be asked by the justices to explain his actions on the record? 

  2. On 12/7/2023 at 2:41 PM, mab22 said:


    What happens when "Administrative Rules"  become so complicated and contradictory that you need to hire attorneys to understand and debate them?



    You have a flashlight on your NON semi rifle, or shotgun, etc, you REMOVE the flashlight, to fix it or change the batteries, OR the lights went out and you need a flashlight. 

    Do you have to drop what your doing and "register the ******* (expletive) flashlight" according to that rule?
    What if your cleaning your firearm and you completely strip it down, now you to register anything that "MIGHT" be a so called AW attachment? What if I put it all back together, do I then get to "un-register" that part?



    You miss the bigger thing, they are still changing the rules daily. After 1/1 they can make things require registration that can't be registered anymore with little to no notice at all. 

  3. On 12/7/2023 at 11:54 AM, Tvandermyde said:

    Mauser is right because that led to the Feinstein quote of I could have gotten 41 votes Mr. & Mrs America turn them in. 


    It was also a two feature test. thats why the sale of ARs and AKs never stopped. no threaded barrel with a flashider, no bayonet mount, no collapsible stocks and you were good to go. So they lie about the ban, becuase sales never stopped. there were preban guns that could be bought and sold at will and then post ban guns that largely looked like A2s without flash hiders


    That was the period when Colt started selling hard into the police departments, presumably to make up for the lost sales. Wouldn't be a stretch to say that Democrats are responsible for that "police militarization" they cry about now. 

  4. On 12/6/2023 at 4:00 PM, mauserme said:


    Those police lined up at the Wisconsin border are there to issue those same tickets that, 3 posts prior, you said "don't really move the needle in budget conversations".  And I agree, they don't even though they do generate some income.


    There is a lot of disappointment in the anti-gun world about the way this is going.  They're in a position where spreading fear and doubt is their strongest weapon.  You can be a part of that if you like, but we'll continue to provide the best information we can, absent the hyperbole, so folks can figure things out for themselves.




    All I'm saying is a small number of people are going to get absolutely crushed by this. It probably won't be anyone here but you have to accept the reality it might be you in making your plans. 


    There is a lot of chest thumping about what people would do if the cops showed up at their house, etc. That's actually what led to my comment about it being a swat team and not some Fife. I'm saying if you're the unlucky one that that gets picked on it's going to be an overwhelming show of force, press conferences and the whole 9. If you're that person nobody is coming to help you.


    It would be something if the rights organizations set up a hotline for people to call for legal help if arrested but I haven't seen any hint of that. I'd actually donate money to support that in addition to the organizations I already support. 


    It's a big boy game we're about to play. Everyone needs to think for themselves about what is best for them. 

  5. On 12/6/2023 at 2:12 PM, soundguy said:

    I lived through the Handgun and AWB of Chicago while promoting and working for concealed carry. I sometimes utilized "fanny pack" carry within Chicago, Cook County and other parts of our fair state. It should be obvious to you all that I kept handguns that could not be registered  in the City during these bans.


    Each person should take stock of what they have, what they might be required to register, the potential penalties for failing to comply and plan accordingly. Read up on the law. Take note of what Mauserme says and what the authorities have said and continue to say. Pay less attention to the doom and gloom from those who may not know what they are talking about - It is pure paranoia which should not be spread to others.


    I don't see much value in promoting "they're gonna come after us".






    On 12/6/2023 at 11:42 AM, davel501 said:


    Not talking about generalized searches, I'm talking about the wrong person or a self-righteous friend/neighbor/family member finds out and reports you. The fact that everyone else is getting away with it will be little comfort to the few that have their lives turned upside down by this. I'm fairly certain that a few people will suffer disproportionately from this law and when it is all over the Dems, the cops, the rights organizations will all just walk away and let them pick up the pieces on their own.


  6. On 12/6/2023 at 2:55 PM, mauserme said:


    Is that how budgets work?  The more people they arrest the more money they get?


    If that were the case this entire state would be in a lot worse shape than it is, and not just for gun owners.




    That which gets measured gets rewarded. That which gets rewarded matters. It's the only reason they bring up crime stats - they want more money. It's the same reason the entire government spends like crazy at the end of their budget year - you get less budget next year if you didn't use it all last year. It's also why you can't drive across the border into Wisconsin and not see police lined up on the highway. The primary drivers in government are how many people you have under you and how big of a budget you manage. The way you get bigger budgets and more people is better stats.

  7. On 12/6/2023 at 12:56 PM, mauserme said:


    Since ISP has already stated publicly that they have no enforcement mechanism I naturally assumed you thought others, possibly counties or municipalities that have never chosen enforcement in the past, might now take some kind of action.  You did draw the distinction between what you referred to as "free counties" versus other areas of the state  a few posts up.


    So to make sure I understand your point, you believe agencies that have ignored their own law, in many cases for decades, will now enforce a state law when ISP itself is taking a pass?




    You are conflating laws with local ordinances. Felony arrests help their stats, making them look good and get more budget. Local ordinance violations - what are basically tickets don't really move the needle in budget conversations. Cook county is the only county I am aware of that had a county-wide ban in place. There I am torn because on the one hand they don't do much law enforcement but on the other hand there are a ton of people that have been "Darted" when it comes to FOID/CCL reviews so who knows. The real wildcards are going to be the blue counties surrounding Chicago with democrat sheriffs. Outside of the collar counties I would agree that you'd have to do something and PICA would be add-on charges. 

  8. On 12/6/2023 at 12:25 PM, mauserme said:


    Can you point to any evidence of this happening in Chicago, Cook County, Highland Park under their current bans?





    How do you produce historical evidence for a state law that didn't exist? Is there a provision that let's lesser units of government draft ordinances that carry time in state prison? 


    There have been ridiculous cases over the years, like the firefighter from the north side turned in by his daughter for having an assault weapon, but those were all local ordinance violations. This is big boy crime now. 

  9. On 12/6/2023 at 11:56 AM, mauserme said:


    If there's a SWAT team at their door, they will have done something far beyond what this thread is about.




    It's a weapons warrant so high risk by default. Heck, it's a felony warrant if are alleged to have an AR and a lock washer. One would hope they would be a good enough group to do a surround and call out. It's not like you can flush an AR so there's no evidence to rescue. 

  10. On 12/6/2023 at 11:29 AM, G214me said:

    You're talking about tens of thousands of search warrants. they'll need to show probable cause that the person still has the items and they are still on the property. It's highly unlikely that they will execute kick the door down and shoot the dog warrants on people with no criminal record. 


    Not talking about generalized searches, I'm talking about the wrong person or a self-righteous friend/neighbor/family member finds out and reports you. The fact that everyone else is getting away with it will be little comfort to the few that have their lives turned upside down by this. I'm fairly certain that a few people will suffer disproportionately from this law and when it is all over the Dems, the cops, the rights organizations will all just walk away and let them pick up the pieces on their own.

  11. On 12/6/2023 at 10:56 AM, mauserme said:


    I think he's saying we're not anticipating any swat teams.  I'd have to agree with that.


    I did remove a post that sort of expressed the same sentiment a little too emphatically.




    The sentiment behind that over enthusiastic post is exactly why they will have swat teams serving those search warrants. For most of the state this is a non-issue but if you live in Cook, Lake and a couple of other counties this is reality. The only question is how low will the bar be to get those search warrants.

  12. On 12/6/2023 at 7:50 AM, soundguy said:







    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Do you live in a free county? Your house won't be searched? You don't read the news out of the collar counties? You just feel like arguing with people? 


    Help me out here. 

  13. On 12/5/2023 at 9:27 PM, G214me said:

    At some point while reading all these questions and "rules" and trying to figure it all out you should have a little voice pop up in your head that says " Wait a minute, what am I doing ? I'm an American enjoying my 2nd Amendment rights, and JB Pigster, and his ISP goons can give me a big wet kiss on my hairy a** because it will be a cold day in heck before some gas bag liberal scum tells me what I can and can't have and that goes double for Constitutionally protected property." COMPLY WITH NOTHING AND MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS AS NEEDED.


    The phrase you're looking for is "stack up" because that's what the swat team will do at your front door. Ole truffle shuffle might include your story as a big win in his next press conference. Meanwhile your life is ruined if you live through the part with the armed home invaders. 

  14. On 12/5/2023 at 12:43 AM, ealcala31 said:

    What if you have a malfunction and need to be an at-home gunsmith? What is ISP going to do, check your YouTube videos to see if you broke-down that firearm? I've got to say, passing the assault weapon attachment endorsement part of the law was a big F#CK YOU to every gun owner, IL Republicans, and all gun rights groups. I totally get the registration part, that was a given, but parts are really a, "I'm going to stick it to you as much as I can because I hate you," part. 


    Ask Matthew Hoover of CRS firearms about how the government can be. 

  15. On 12/4/2023 at 9:53 PM, ealcala31 said:

    Questions 12 & 13 are interesting. If I understand it correctly, you can buy a pump action shotgun, decked out with a; barrel shroud, magazine extension, pistol grip, and an adjustable stock. As long as you buy it like that, straight from the manufacturer and don't remove any assault weapons parts, it is not an assault weapon requiring an endorsement. So, I guess no one can build one at home because it would require that you buy these assault weapons attachments separately, which are banned. 


    You can't clean it either. 

  16. On 12/4/2023 at 11:23 AM, John Q Public said:

    It certainly is contemptuous of the court, nut I don't think they are required to file them. I think it would be a great time for the court to adjust some attitude in the state of Illinois. 


    I'd like to see them suck all the relevant transgressions and burn them all down at once. 


    Things could get interesting.


    I don't think you'll see this from the Roberts court. They want to be low profile and this could very well be a trap - the Illinois dems could be begging them to burn it all down so they can paint SCOTUS as radical insurrectionists.

  17. On 12/2/2023 at 4:24 PM, Vodoun da Vinci said:


    Most people I know who have these types have more than one. Like maybe an AR, an AK, a PCC, a pistol with a threaded barrel, a "tricked out" Ruger 10/22 with folding stock and pistol grip. etc. Most of the people I know who have "Assault Weapons" (as defined)  have multiple guns that fit the description.


    To hear Governor Pritzker tell it, the reason only a fraction of 1% of FOID card holder have declared anything is because they (assault weapons as designated) are uncommon and few people are possessing them. Never mind that the AR is the single most popular/possessed sporting rifles in America. Most of the guys at the rifle club I shoot at have multiple AR's. 




    Yeah, I question whether there are only 20 million ARs in the country. I'm guessing closer to 100 million because nobody owns just one. Mix in the broad definition of assault weapon in PICA and the numbers are massive. 

  18. "National surveys by Ipsos in 2022 found that 31 percent of adults own guns. The Post-Ipsos survey of AR-15 owners estimates that 20 percent of gun owners own an AR-15-style rifle. Taken together, the polls find that 6 percent of Americans own an AR-15, about 1 in 20."




    That puts the Illinois number right around 500,000 ARs. 

  19. On 12/1/2023 at 10:32 PM, RyanB425 said:

    Oooooh. Ok. Total brain fart on my end hahaha


    So… Essentially, even if it’s not 50 BMG, the shop will still have to input our FOID card #’s on the ISP site.

    Which would at the very least inform the brown shirts person with FOID # ____ bought ammunition of some kind today.


    Does that sound about right? 

    You got it. 

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