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  1. Wait. So if this makes it to a hearing he could be asked by the justices to explain his actions on the record?
  2. It's all contradictions. Non-working firearms don't need to be registered so what's a stripped lower?
  3. You miss the bigger thing, they are still changing the rules daily. After 1/1 they can make things require registration that can't be registered anymore with little to no notice at all.
  4. That was the period when Colt started selling hard into the police departments, presumably to make up for the lost sales. Wouldn't be a stretch to say that Democrats are responsible for that "police militarization" they cry about now.
  5. All I'm saying is a small number of people are going to get absolutely crushed by this. It probably won't be anyone here but you have to accept the reality it might be you in making your plans. There is a lot of chest thumping about what people would do if the cops showed up at their house, etc. That's actually what led to my comment about it being a swat team and not some Fife. I'm saying if you're the unlucky one that that gets picked on it's going to be an overwhelming show of force, press conferences and the whole 9. If you're that person nobody is coming to help you. It would be something if the rights organizations set up a hotline for people to call for legal help if arrested but I haven't seen any hint of that. I'd actually donate money to support that in addition to the organizations I already support. It's a big boy game we're about to play. Everyone needs to think for themselves about what is best for them.
  6. That which gets measured gets rewarded. That which gets rewarded matters. It's the only reason they bring up crime stats - they want more money. It's the same reason the entire government spends like crazy at the end of their budget year - you get less budget next year if you didn't use it all last year. It's also why you can't drive across the border into Wisconsin and not see police lined up on the highway. The primary drivers in government are how many people you have under you and how big of a budget you manage. The way you get bigger budgets and more people is better stats.
  7. You are conflating laws with local ordinances. Felony arrests help their stats, making them look good and get more budget. Local ordinance violations - what are basically tickets don't really move the needle in budget conversations. Cook county is the only county I am aware of that had a county-wide ban in place. There I am torn because on the one hand they don't do much law enforcement but on the other hand there are a ton of people that have been "Darted" when it comes to FOID/CCL reviews so who knows. The real wildcards are going to be the blue counties surrounding Chicago with democrat sheriffs. Outside of the collar counties I would agree that you'd have to do something and PICA would be add-on charges.
  8. How do you produce historical evidence for a state law that didn't exist? Is there a provision that let's lesser units of government draft ordinances that carry time in state prison? There have been ridiculous cases over the years, like the firefighter from the north side turned in by his daughter for having an assault weapon, but those were all local ordinance violations. This is big boy crime now.
  9. It's a weapons warrant so high risk by default. Heck, it's a felony warrant if are alleged to have an AR and a lock washer. One would hope they would be a good enough group to do a surround and call out. It's not like you can flush an AR so there's no evidence to rescue.
  10. Not talking about generalized searches, I'm talking about the wrong person or a self-righteous friend/neighbor/family member finds out and reports you. The fact that everyone else is getting away with it will be little comfort to the few that have their lives turned upside down by this. I'm fairly certain that a few people will suffer disproportionately from this law and when it is all over the Dems, the cops, the rights organizations will all just walk away and let them pick up the pieces on their own.
  11. The sentiment behind that over enthusiastic post is exactly why they will have swat teams serving those search warrants. For most of the state this is a non-issue but if you live in Cook, Lake and a couple of other counties this is reality. The only question is how low will the bar be to get those search warrants.
  12. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Do you live in a free county? Your house won't be searched? You don't read the news out of the collar counties? You just feel like arguing with people? Help me out here.
  13. The phrase you're looking for is "stack up" because that's what the swat team will do at your front door. Ole truffle shuffle might include your story as a big win in his next press conference. Meanwhile your life is ruined if you live through the part with the armed home invaders.
  14. It is blocked by preemption from the state level. If the state ccw law were to go away then theirs would come back into effect.
  15. Ask Matthew Hoover of CRS firearms about how the government can be.
  16. I almost hope IL defies the courts so they have no choice but to allow the 1983 cases.
  17. I don't think you'll see this from the Roberts court. They want to be low profile and this could very well be a trap - the Illinois dems could be begging them to burn it all down so they can paint SCOTUS as radical insurrectionists.
  18. Yeah, I question whether there are only 20 million ARs in the country. I'm guessing closer to 100 million because nobody owns just one. Mix in the broad definition of assault weapon in PICA and the numbers are massive.
  19. I almost wonder if he's hoping the other cases win out over this one since they advance the 2nd a lot more.
  20. "National surveys by Ipsos in 2022 found that 31 percent of adults own guns. The Post-Ipsos survey of AR-15 owners estimates that 20 percent of gun owners own an AR-15-style rifle. Taken together, the polls find that 6 percent of Americans own an AR-15, about 1 in 20." https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/interactive/2023/american-ar-15-gun-owners/ That puts the Illinois number right around 500,000 ARs.
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