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  1. If memory serves, in one of Devore's videos he explained that the group/assoc. in Caulkins case was not a "legal entity" or some such language. He voiced concern that an FFL selling to a member of this group could open themselves to enforcement action as the group members are technically not "named plantiffs". And yes, as was said, Devore has since created a legal entity with by-laws and such to be used as a named plaintiff in some potential future case(s). I'm not weighing in on the beef between Caulkins and Devore, nor taking sides. Just laying out what was said and likely that the FFLs are operating under the legal advice of their lawyer(Devore). On the original topic: Congratulations to Mr Caulkins and the plantiffs on getting a TRO. Another one in the W column.
  2. https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/macon-county-judge-issues-third-temporary-restraining-order-against-illinois-gun-ban/article_cb3ae2bc-a7e1-11ed-9d4f-1beeb03f03dc.html Only applies to named plantiffs
  3. 👍 Shout out to Todd and thanks for all that he's been working on
  4. Put it this way, it was $200 for a chance to keep an ISP Trooper from hemming me up in a couple months for my carry gun's mag capacity or that my carry gun has a thread protector next year. While trying to find a few quality 15 rounders for it, I realized I was about halfway to what Devore was charging. Maybe the other suits have a better chance of succeeding on 2nd amendment issues, in time. But while that is going on, the legislature will continue filing bills like ammo purchase and firearm insurance taskforces. It sure would be nice to yank the reigns before we are all fighting on quicksand or good people leave the state (and the fight).
  5. Yes. That argument was made during the floor debate as well. The response was something along the lines of, that ban was ineffective because it was only over Highland Park. Implying that if the ban was state or nation-wide, THEN it would have worked.
  6. Not to hijack the thread, but as a long-time lurker (not sure if I'm a record holder at this point or not), I just want to say this. Over the years I've learned a lot from the tremendous resource that is this forum. When I joined, I learned about the Illinois Bill -> Law process from this forum. I've been filling out witness slips for years based on all the calls to action. Regardless of the topic I was always learning. I've also learned to listen to the adults in the room, and ignore some of the more colorful language. I'm by no means the smartest or most knowledgeable one here, but to any new folks, I offer some free advice. 1) We live in a digital world, don't post anything that you wouldn't want a jury to judge you on taken out of context (hopefully it never comes to that). 2) As a very wise person once told me "You were born with 2 ears, and 1 mouth. Use them proportionately." Sorry for being long-winded. Back to your scheduled programming.
  7. I've had an order "Processing" for almost a week now. You folks are not inspiring a lot of hope.
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