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  1. Euler

    DeltaPoint silhouette

    I've actually got it turned fairly low in that photo. You can compare its brightness to the tritium iron sight.
  2. I'm new to the red dot experience, personally. I finally took the dive. Below is what I see in my new DeltaPoint. I was expecting to see just a dot. Were my expectations wrong, or is something up?
  3. I only explain the dockets when the reasons are stated, reasonably plain, or unveiled by my psychic abilities. None of those things were true this time, but it happened.
  4. TL;DR: Most school shootings involve fewer than 4 victims, are rarely deadly, and are perpetrated with handguns rather than rifles.
  5. As a non-resident to Illinois, you may possess many things in IL that residents are forbidden, including whole "assault weapons." Your magazine and pistol grip are safe to the degree to which a cop understands the law.
  6. Courts issue writs of mandamus ("we demand") pretty easily, especially when they're enforcing their own rulings. The court might delay until after the deadline for Supreme Court petitions passes, though. That's 90 days from the judgment.
  7. On November 16, the appellate court ordered the government to file a motion for rehearing en banc by November 27, if it intends to file at all.
  8. On November 15, defendants filed a motion to extend the deadlines. On November 16, the court granted the motion. The schedule is now: Dec 7: S&W appeal brief due Jan 16: mob response brief due Feb 6: S&W reply brief due, if any
  9. On November 21, Bevis filed a motion in circuit court for an injunction pending appeal en banc and possible petition for certiorari. None of the other cases that had been consolidated into Barnett did likewise. On November 22, the court denied the injunction.
  10. On November 21, the plaintiffs filed the recent ruling in Maryland Shall Issue v Moore (Maryland license to acquire) as additional authority.
  11. No. As I posted elsewhere to your assertion, registration is the exception to prohibition. It's only a requirement in the sense that you have to do it if you want to keep your weapons, and it is only possible for weapons you owned prior to the passage of the law.
  12. You are prohibited from possessing (present) "assault weapons" ... ... unless you possessed (past) them previous to the passage of the law (January 10, 2023) AND you registered them before January 1, 2024. Between the passage of the law and 2024, you are graciously permitted to keep your property. You are not required to register things that you do not possess (present), even if you possessed (past) them previously. The definition of "possess" can be confusing and must be understood from context. "Possess" can be:to own something (I possess a Mazarati. It's at my brother's place in Texas.)To have custody and control of something (I possess his Lamborghini. It's in my garage.)To have something on your person or in close proximity (I still possess the keys to my Mazarati, though. They're in my pocket.) #3 implies #2. There are no other implications.
  13. All government employees (including elected positions) have qualified immunity, not just cops. If they didn't know it was illegal, either because there wasn't a policy against it or because there was a court case specifically about something exactly (not mostly, exactly exactly) like it, then they can't be sued.
  14. Judicial Second Amendment Case Discussion > Maryland handgun license struck down in 4th Circuit CoA
  15. The politicians who passed the law don't care if the law is enforced, which is why it doesn't matter to them that they don't understand it. They passed the law to get votes to keep their government job with its government healthcare and government pension. If the cops or prosecutors want to screw with you, the law gives them another way they can do it. I'm reasonably sure that's what Kelly meant when he said he's leaving enforcement to county ASAs. In that sense, registration is truly voluntary. No one actually cares about our stuff. Neighbors, in-laws, and (soon-to-be) ex-spouses are more worrisome. Meanwhile, no one can buy parts.
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