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  1. I answer “citizen” and “freedom” every time I get asked to write down my occupation and purpose for purchasing a firearm. Not sure who reads those besides my FFL but it hasn’t seemed to matter.
  2. So it was withdrawn and not made law? My friend is still a citizen in good standing with the ATF even though he often thinks of owning such things?
  3. Looking at this form makes my brain hurt. Anybody here want to make sense of it for me? https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/docs/undefined/sample-atf-worksheet-4999/download
  4. I’ve got all kinds of advice but first what kind of firearm in what caliber? Also, I had a leupold freedom but sold it because the reticle was too thick for my liking.
  5. Are these firearms allowed for CCW qualification shooting requirements? My father says his renewal class requires a concealable handgun and is concerned my Browning Buckmark with a dot won’t be allowed. I say he’s fine but he seeks further information. Thank you.
  6. Where are you located exactly? I have a Kimber Longslide, Glock 40, 20 and 26 all in 10mm. In my opinion the recoil comes down to ammo in all of them. My wife likes to shoot the Glock 20 with S&B loads but I wouldn't hand her that gun with Underwood XTP in it without telling her first. The 10mm can have some serious horsepower if you load it that way. My 40 is setup as a hunting rig so it has a heavier recoil spring which helps in my opinion. More of a push than a shock with the heavier recoiling loads.
  7. Day 84 of renewal with prints and still says Under Review. Inspect element has said Approved for over a week.
  8. So this message is for my father and I havent been able to find an answer anywhere so Im throwing it up here. My dads FOID expires in June and the number does not match his CCL which Im aware of the reasons for that. He wants to renew his FOID now and the tab or button when he logs in is not allowing him to click on it to renew. My guess is because that number is going bye bye. So, how does he get a new foid with the new number? Does he apply for a totally brand new one? Does that make his old one and CCL invalid while he waits? Thanks for the help in advance.
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