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  1. I would just like to say that if that is the case, I am in no way part of it. I was just telling my friends wife's story about what she what through. It wasn't an easy or quick process. It was like $3000. I honestly know she had to fight tooth and nail to get her FOID reinstated. I was actually replying to Xyphis, this paper is something that a PCP runs away from when they see it. $750 does seem a bit low though. Perhaps some actually references as to their actual success rate should be in order? I am also not a big believer in coincidence. Very interesting. I am not a huge fan of coincidences either. However, I am not at all surprised by timing. Wish I could say I know pingpong 45 but I do not. I do want to be clear that we are only providing the evaluation needed to satisfy one part of the process for getting a FOID card reinstated. And, I cannot promise that the outcome of the evaluation results in your successful reacquisition of the card. Hope that helps!
  2. Lots of great concerns! OneLink Healthcare uses qualified forensic psychologists and forensic psychiatrists to provide these reviews for you. Per the rule on FOID card restoration this evaluation needs to be by a psychologist or psychiatrist. You cannot get this done by a PCP, nor in the emergency room. They are not qualified to do this and will shy away from this. I know, because I am a PCP. The rule also mandates that we must have the mental health records for review in order to help make the appropriate determination if one is, or is not, a threat to themselves or others. These records are only reviewed by your evaluator. If these steps are followed, and you MUST be honest with our reviewers, then it should be simple. However, the determination of this must only be made by a qualified mental health professional. We have got to stop making this more difficult than it is. If someone truly made mistakes, or had difficulties that they have dealt with, and our mental health professional determines all is well, then it should be so. We can learn from our past, make the necessary midcourse corrections, and move on. If one is unwilling to do so, then be prepared. You may have to live without a FOID card. If one is willing to be honest, then spend the $750 and let the chips fall where they may. It is the best option available to date. Once the releases are signed, records received and reviewed, payment made, and the video visit done we can see where you stand in this process.
  3. I believe you may be in luck! OneLink Healthcare, Inc. has established a web based evaluation program for FOID card restoration. We have forensic psychologists and forensic psychiatrists who can review your information, and meet with you in a private web based video forum. They can then complete the form you will need to submit to ISP. Please visit www.onelink.healthcare for contact information. I hope we can help! By the way - one Chicago based program charged $1500 and you had to drive to them. Ours is $750 and web based.
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