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  1. Forms that you will need to file:






    This form must be filled out by a physician, clinical psychologist or qualified examiner and mailed directly to the ISP.



    If you do not have a personal physician who can do the mental health evaluation, you might consider contacting the public health department in your area.

    Thank you very much. appreciate your help and the links

  2. My friends wife had the same issue. She called the following link because the psychologist at the hospital (who BTW was a child psychologist) said she would never have a gun again. She was only held for about 15 hours and released. The place was https://www.psychologicalriskservices.com/il-foid-evaluation.html but be forewarned, they weren't cheap. You might want to PM Molly and read the posts pertaining to this issue on here. There are some references to friendly doctors. The 5 year thing on the FOID application means nothing. You have to be cleared by a physician, clinical psychologist or a qualified examiner even if it was quite a while ago.

    PM Molly, she'll know the best way to handle this.

    Thank you very much. appreciate your help

  3. I need help with the medical appeal process. This was the first time i applied for the card

    i live near Oswego area and my FOID was deined due to Medical reasoning....I was admitted to a facility because i was dumb and stupid 7 years ago and didn't know what i was doing there hasn't been anything else on my records no arrest no charges....what should i be doing to get my rights restored, any of f you know a physician, clinical psycologist, or a qualified examiner

    Below is the letter i recieved

    "Your application for a firearm owner's identification (FOID) card has been denied. You are prohibited from firearms for reasons listed below and pursuant to:

    430 ILCS 65/8 (U) - A person who has had his or her FOID card revoked or denied under subsection (e) of 430 ILCS 65/8 or item (iv) of section 4 of the FOID act because he or she was a patient in a mental health facility, shall not be premitted to obtain FOID, after the 5 year period has lapsed,

    unless he or she has recieved a mental health evaluation by physician, clinical psycologist, or a qualified examiner and has recieved a certification that he or she is not a clear and present danger to himself, herself and others


    for additional infomation please call ........."

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