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  1. That's messed up but by next week you will have a license in hand. That has to feel good and I'm glad you didn't give up.
  2. Seriously this is her baby. She knows more about this stuff then anybody. With the election tomorrow she is probably pretty busy or she might have just replied. A PM to her is really your best bet and yes Cook County is that BAD.
  3. Actually it wont. You need a Fingerprint TCN on your application. If it says "Not specified" then you are just another no prints submitted.
  4. Why are all the rats above ground? That's what has me curious and was a good ending. I'm more afraid of Lagertha then a hammer or sword. Cold blooded but smoking hot. Plus extremely dangerous in real life. I shall have her for my birthday tomorrow. You can buy "Vikings" toys at Walmart just to keep this on track. 50% off on Ragnar dolls.
  5. Mjolnir? I'm more afraid of Gungnir because it never misses it's mark.
  6. I'm going to out on a limb and say you watch "Vikings" tonight. I get the Krampus thing but I was born on the Winter Solstice. I'm just happen to be in the wrong hemisphere but I would definitely give you a strange look if you said anything about Krampus murdering bad children. Did you get a piece of air polluting coal one year? BTW: Some UPS truck took a shot at my Jeep with a 10mm yesterday. Do you know anything about that? Happy Festivus!
  7. I'm a Scrooge man, myself: “If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!" Actually its the PC "Happy Holidays" thing that sets me off. Lets face it, Christmas is nothing more then a marketing tool now. Happy Holidays? I have two words for that but forum decorum prohibits their use. Yo Forum Decorum, I'm a rapper now.
  8. I get the whole due diligence thing but I'm going to say that after the shooting, they were closed for a while. Plus that would be a pretty kooky plan to shoplift. "I'm going to go in and shoot some people, you grab a Vizio 55" and a bag of Ol' Roy." Sure it is possible that there were other people who chickened out but some reason I just see a bunch of detectives eating donuts and saying "The guy with the gun that was actually shooting, I think that's our guy. Bear Claw?" I honestly mean no disrespect to the people he killed but this Trib fluff piece is from THIS mornings paper. They have to go into Aurora Colorado shooting and what a parent of a victim thinks to justify that the remarks made by the Thornton, Colo. PD. They managed to identify and catch the guy in hours. This was THURSDAY MORNING. My point is it is clearly an anti gun hack article. Then you have the Church shooting this morning and what's the Tagline? "Deadliest Church Shooting in American History". My point is the more the press these whack jobs get, the more it incites other whack jobs. That in turn incites the Illinois legislature whack jobs who in turn introduce new legislation. It's been pretty quiet since Trump took office and then you have LV and all the sickos thinking, "Hey that guy got HIS name all over the MSM, why not me?" Not one article makes mention of the fact that killing is wrong, they actually glorify these people and make mention of bibles and “assault-type” rifles. Basically the press is selling their product using the lives of victims. I DO NOT WANT to know the name of the twisted person who killed a bunch of innocent people, it is only going to get other whackos worked up. I wonder what the press would say if somebody who had a CCL actually took one of these two killers out. You aren't going see "Man walks into Walmart or church with gun bent on killing and law abiding citizen shoots them dead. Gunman killed, one injured." It would most likely be "Person takes the law into own hands and shoots someone in the back." Now that I'm done ranting I was at the Darien Petsmart today and was shocked by the amount of people at the Walmart. I sat through three arrows waiting to turn in off of 75th. Two years ago some idiot shot somebody at that Walmart because he was a coward.
  9. Basically the big problem here is the detectives were "forced to watch more video". That must have been rough. While not a detective I'm going to go into Investigation 101. I'm going to say that the guy actually shooting people right after he walked in was your perp. IMO not hard to "pinpoint". Let's take this scenario from the "detectives" having to watch more video. "The “angry guy upstairs” drove to a nearby Walmart where witnesses say he walked in, calmly took out his handgun, and shot and killed three people waiting in line to pay." "Ostrem fired another round of shots, the Fobbs said, before surveillance showed him leaving as quickly as he arrived." From my take on this the guy walked in, shot three people to death and then fired off another few rounds and left. From the story it seems like he walked around the store, got near the back and THEN started shooting. Correct me if I'm wrong here but the people that were back in electronics or automotive who legally drew their guns BUT did not fire would have nothing to do with what was going on in the front of the store. Good detective work in Thornton Colorado. I feel bad that they just seem not very bright and were "forced" to watch more video. I wonder how many donuts were eaten during their tough video watching marathon. "I think this guy right here who walked in and immediately starting shooting was probably the shooter". "I don't know, it could have been the guy in the by the kitty litter 400 feet away who was on the floor behind the dog food". "Lets look at it again, do we have any glazed chocolate left?" "Let me check." "No glazed chocolate but we do have some with sprinkles." "I hate when this lack of donuts hinders our investigation." "Avila go get more donuts, it looks like we are stumped." Sounds like a tough job.
  10. Not always true. The Wal Mart in Vernon Hills does not sell any ammo, the Dick’s down the street does, so it’s not a town thing. The problem is you would have to go into DICKS. Then some 17 year old on work program is going to enter your FOID # into the register. You might be asked a brilliant question such as: Is this for a rifle or a pistol? You should be the one asking: "Are you even old enough to have a FOID card to be able to touch that?" At most Wal Marts you show your FOID, get rung up and leave. That's for ammo. I cannot imagine the anal probe involved in actually buying a firearm at Dicks. Granted that's in Lombard, not Vernon Hills but I just threw away a $10 off $50 from Dicks. I avoid the interrogation at the resister for ammo plus Wal Mart is usually cheaper. 150 XM193 at Dicks? $75+tax. 150 XM193 at Wal Mart? $60 OTD with tax.
  11. I agree about the 333 and 555 but I'm not a big fan of Winchester ammo anyway. The Federal 325 Automatch runs great in all of my .22s. I get maybe three duds in a box. I have no problem with Aguila but I wont spend $4.50 for 50. That's just insane to me.
  12. I will occasionally run across a bunch of .22LR at my Walmart. I could buy it all at 4 AM but since I'm sitting on about 2500 rounds I think the polite thing to do is let it sit so people can buy it the next day. I'm not a prepper but just feel that having courtesy is the right thing to do. Why should a guy have spend crazy money to take his kid shooting? I have seen ranges have Aguila .22LR for $4.50 a box of 50. I have seen the Winchester 333 and 555 range packs for pretty cheap at Walmart. Let someone else have some fun with their kid, I'm too busy shooting other calibers.
  13. Addison Your right! That was the one. I was looking for a Rain-X rear wiper for my Jeep and they were the only Walmart that had one. No ammo but lots of wipers. I knew it was off of 53 and Lake.
  14. I believe you. I seldom go to that one, I have three that are all about the same distance from my house. I know a while back they didn't, I went there because they had wipers that I wanted in stock. I have one that is closest if you take a shortcut and that's the one that I usually go to. Plus if I jump off the highway and take a different route home from work, I'll pass right by it. It's funny being greeted by the guy who runs the front end. Ammo? No, aspirin. OK.
  15. I know that's an old post but my Walmart will sell me ammo at 4AM on my nights off. I work nights and usually there is somebody with a FOID card so they can legally sell it. The only Walmart in Dupage County that I know of that doesn't have an ammo case is Bloomingdale. My local one will ask me if I'm there to buy ammo when I walk in. - "no, just kitty litter". I never saw signage at any Walmart.
  16. I would just like to say that if that is the case, I am in no way part of it. I was just telling my friends wife's story about what she what through. It wasn't an easy or quick process. It was like $3000. I honestly know she had to fight tooth and nail to get her FOID reinstated. I was actually replying to Xyphis, this paper is something that a PCP runs away from when they see it. $750 does seem a bit low though. Perhaps some actually references as to their actual success rate should be in order? I am also not a big believer in coincidence.
  17. My friends wife PC looked at that paper and said no way. General practitioners are afraid to put their career on the line over something like this. If you look into this, you will find that $750 is actually low. My friends wife paid 4 times that and had to bring in every medical record that involved anything mental health related. I think she had to go through about 3 hours of one on one talking with a psychologist. I'm not shilling for OneLink Healthcare, Inc., I never heard of them and don't know what their success rate is. My wife's friend had to jump through hoops to get her FOID back all because she got into an argument with my friend (her husband), the neighbors called the PD and she said something to a LEO that he didn't like. Off to the psych ward she went in an ambulance. This place actually stopped dong the evaluations: http://www.nicapc.com/RestoreMyFOIDCard.htm I think it is because all the BS involved. Repeating myself my friends wife was put through the ringer but fought and fought to get her Rights restored and did. Her PC said "this needs to be filled out by a shrink". Believe me she has told me the story 1000 times. It was all because she said the wrong thing to a cop who didn't like it. After 15 hours she was released because she was never a threat to herself or others. The moral of this is regardless of how mad you are: Shut your mouth in front of the police.
  18. My friends wife had the same issue. She called the following link because the psychologist at the hospital (who BTW was a child psychologist) said she would never have a gun again. She was only held for about 15 hours and released. The place was https://www.psychologicalriskservices.com/il-foid-evaluation.html but be forewarned, they weren't cheap. You might want to PM Molly and read the posts pertaining to this issue on here. There are some references to friendly doctors. The 5 year thing on the FOID application means nothing. You have to be cleared by a physician, clinical psychologist or a qualified examiner even if it was quite a while ago. PM Molly, she'll know the best way to handle this.
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