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  1. That's what I do call put phone on speaker and work on comp. until some one picks up. average time 20 to 40 min.
  2. do whatever you want it never goes away! exspunged b/s its always there. now if they use it i dont know.
  3. if you still need a guy pm me. il give you the name of the the guy i used.thats all im gonna say on here. Tommy
  4. submitted with prints 7/13 qc verified 7/18 approved 8/28 active 8/29 in hand 9/1 don't ask me how I got it in mail so fast I live on boardering suburb of Chicago. had to have been mailed out b4 active. Tommy
  5. i did a this if you need help with it pm. me ill give you name of doc. that knows how to do the rite things rite. filling out forms are easy you will need to get your med. records to. tommy
  6. wow 54min. on hol with the isp. and someone acually answered the phone. also gave me info of where my appeal is.
  7. request for foid appeal form.who is the firearm prohibitor?
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