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  1. Hello, I apologize because I'm sure these questions have been answered before. I have 2 questions about denial appeal. 1. The website still shows "Denied". Does it ever show "under appeal" or something similar? They've only had the appeal 2 weeks, so I know it's a little early to expect anything yet ! 2. Any idea how long it might take for a decision? I believe it could be months, but I'm not sure. Thanks everyone.
  2. Felony (non-violent) charge in 1996 but sentenced as a misdemeanor is the only possibility. I have a copy of a Judgement of Conviction from Indiana clearly showing that the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.I just need to find out for sure why it was denied so I can start the appeal.
  3. Hello everyone. New member, first time poster. Want to buy my first handgun, but I live in Illinois and that means FOID card needed. Several days ago, I could see that I was denied, but nothing told me why. Obviously I need to know that to start the appeal process. Does any know how I can find that? Do I just have to wait on getting a snail mail letter? Anyway, I'm glad to be a member here.
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