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  1. That is absolutely their goal. These blatant unconstitutional laws absolutely require a liberal-led SCOTUS rubber stamping their trample on freedom. For sure the goal is that either a couple of Constitution-loving judges passing away while the Dems hold the presidency or the Dems expanding and packing the court. Given the ages of some of the best justices, it's certainly possible.
  2. Good call! While Greenwood is "just outside" Indianapolis, it is not Indianapolis (which tries to be a "little Chicago" sometimes in its approach to crime and to lab-abiding citizens.)
  3. How come that every time a terrible Chicago politician leaves, they are replaced by someone even more onerous? It boggles the mind.
  4. You are more optimistic than I am. We (and other states) may get more TROs in Months. But full decisions, especially if appealed to SCOTUS, usually take years.
  5. Fantastic update. There will be a lot of interesting court decisions over the next few years...
  6. That's what I've seen as well (although several places have been reporting that the TROs are for everyone). Hopefully that will change soon.
  7. You're right. I got the names confused, b/c I'd also bought firearm related things at Gander Mountain in the past as well. So many places that I liked which are gone... 😥 Updated my post.
  8. Amen! Just like it does now, marijuana will be abused by some people, enjoyed responsibly by others, and used for medical pain relief by another group. While legalization of marijuana has societal negatives as well as positives, it's an individual choice and should have nothing to do with one's right to bear arms.
  9. I miss Galyan's. I bought my first gun there. Unfortunately they got bought out by Dick's Sporting Goods many years ago, and Dick's is now rabidly anti-gun. (I even bought a gun at Dick's years ago when they were not anti-gun.) There is a difference between Cabela's (which is lukewarm and over-conservative in their policies in an effort to not accidentally run afoul of Illinois laws) and Dick's (which actively donates to anti-gun groups and has embraced woke-ism). Cabela's position is annoying, but I understand their reasoning. They have stores in Illinois and cannot afford to piss off the Illinois government. I will shop at Cabela's, but will avoid Dick's.
  10. I concur. I just read the entire Decision on the TRO, but don't see where it would apply to the entire state. The important part is on page 38: "However, for the reasons set forth above, we affirm the TRO issued for count IV". So they affirm the same TRO, not expand it. Am I missing something?
  11. Just got to love response #4. "We passed a blatantly unconstitutional law, full well knowing it was in direct defiance of SCOTUS opinion. Now all the gun-rights groups are suing us. We need a lot more time, because so many people are suing us". Wow. How about if the courts issue a TRO against all enforcement, and then give the state all the time it needs? The state certainly doesn't deserve more time to enforce a blatantly unconstitutional law before it's struck down!
  12. Shows that the government of Illinois is irrevocably broken, hates the United States Constitution, and is willing to destroy the entire state to appease Bloomberg and the other authoritarian enemies of freedom. A very sad day.
  13. I had the same question. These bills are crazy, as usual. It is quite obvious that the point of the liberals is to destroy the lives of anyone who doesn't bow down to their authoritarian power and who dares stand up for freedom in any way. Done, for HB5855. Good to see that pro-gun members are still willing to submit witness slips each time the Dems play around and move the hearings...
  14. That is exactly their plan. They know they can't entirely ban private firearm ownership, so their goal is to make it more difficult, more expensive, and something that is socially unacceptable. They want gun owners to be embarrassed and unwilling to talk about their hobby and respect for freedom. The left has already accomplished that in many circles for those who support traditional marriage; they can't speak about it freely for fear of being ostracized and losing their jobs.
  15. Certainly not honest. But I seriously doubt that anti-gun politicians believe their own words. They know darn well all their restrictive laws won't put a dent in crime. It'll then just give them another step toward further authoritarianism, which is their actual goal.
  16. Yes, some. It gives those who support the 2nd amendment one more piece of ammo to use in the hearings and more importantly denies this to those who want to destroy our rights. Many times the pro-2a legislators will talk about the massive unpopularity of these anti-gun measures and use witness slips to bolster that argument. We will never have any influence with the dedicated anti-gun fools, but it may be enough among other things to help sway those on the fence who vote whichever way the wind blows.
  17. Done. This is getting crazy attention. so far 7k haters of freedom and 13k who believe in the Constitution. Hopefully this is going out on blast for all pro-2a groups!
  18. That terrible bill didn't pass (yet), but there is a big risk of a virtually similar one in next year's session.
  19. Well that sucks. I’ll just give up on it I guess. Thanks for the reply. Or you could just move to the "long" game... Appeals take a long time, but people are winning them. If you keep this on your radar, gaining your rights back 2 years from now is certainly better than never... Of course, every individual circumstance is different, but if you're in the right, it's worth fighting!
  20. Those supervision rules are insane for a traffic (or any other very minor non-violent) offence. They take away all your 2nd amendment rights. And you also need court approval to leave the state for 2 years? No vacations or other travel I guess. How did it get so crazy? Is this in Cook County, or in another county? Court supervision was no big deal in the past; it's the best thing to do with any speeding ticket. Just apply for "court supervision" for any speeding ticket, pay more money to the court, but don't impact your driving record. In the past, it was a checkbox on the ticket. (I'm assuming traffic school is similar to court supervision as they do the same thing...)
  21. They should eventually inform you. But as noted by the OP, it sometime takes them more than a year to make a decision. A couple options available are to reach out to your State Representative (as they can help move the process along in some cases by an inquiry from their office), or also reach out to Molly B on this board. She has communication with the ISP and sometimes is able to assist IllioisCarry members in getting answers.
  22. IMO, there are two advantages: 1. Per the language in 720 ILCS 5/24-9(a) if your minor child has a FOID, that legal restriction doesn't apply. (Regarding firearm access: Of course you need to follow safe procedures anyway, but it's good to not have the severe legal penalty hanging over your head.) 2. Using this process to get your child more interested in firearm rights. For me, it was mostly for the fun of it at this point. When my daughter is older, it'll actually matter more.
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