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  1. If they have an expiration date, will they check?  Or will then check anyway because they know that IL has enacted this (stupid) new law?  That is the million-dollar question.  I am thinking that to avoid any liability, they may decide to call...if they are still going to sell to IL.  But, until now, they haven't done that anyway if you have a card that shows a valid date.  What a bunch of BS.  

  2. With respect the online ammo sales...


    If I have just recently updated my FOID card with online merchants after waiting 15 months, so now they have my current FOID with the expiration date 10 years from now, what is to keep me from just letting them have that documentation if I get the new, non-dated card?


    I would really like someone's opinion about the issue above.


    Secondly, based on a previous post, cards issued starting 1-1-2022 and all other current, dated cards will be replaced with the new non-dated cards during the 2022 year.  Does anyone think the ISP is going to be able to turn over 1.5+ million cards in one year when they are just now beginning to keep up with current applications and renewals?


  3. Doesn't look like SB1966 has any impact to CCL, only FOID processing.


    I'm just hesitant not to submit my renewal when I have completed my training and don't want to run into any renewal issues that could jeopardize my CCL. Otherwise waiting makes more sense.

    You are right...CCL is not affected. I misread it. All the same, it is a shame that this state is so screwed up with its permission slip that we have to be afraid of having our CCL and other rights messed with over it.

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