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  1. And if I am reading the June and July stats correctly, it appears that they are falling even further behind. I thought their new system and hires were supposed to help them get caught up.
  2. Probably won't hear about this on the MSM. Sacramento Bee: Becerra quietly admits failure of gun registration website, halts California investigations. https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article250037879.html
  3. For 3943 it looks like they are trying to soften it a bit by now defining a large capacity magazine as one that holds 30 or more rounds instead of more than 10. Death by a thousand cuts.
  4. You are right...CCL is not affected. I misread it. All the same, it is a shame that this state is so screwed up with its permission slip that we have to be afraid of having our CCL and other rights messed with over it.
  5. The only fly in the ointment might be SB1966. If you are in the renewal pipeline IF it becomes law, will you be grandfathered in until your next renewal? IDK, I am just putting it out there.
  6. Thank you for getting info from ISP. Appreciate your efforts.
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