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  1. i find it amazing that this state would do this over a misdemeanor. this state is out of control.it just shows that the law makers are nutty.
  2. the isp,or the state of illinois could care less if we need to contact them on the phone.the fact that we pay to renue our foid or ccl means nothing. they would just as soon ignore us because they would rather avoid us than speak with us.tell your dad to get used to it because the left will do everything in their power to make legal gun owners like your dad criminial,s.imo the real travisty here is that the people that voted these anti gun libs into office will continue to do so until our 2nd amendment rights are vaporized.
  3. i was not convicted or charged with a felony.i was charged with domestic battery for pushing my 29 year old step daughter out the door.i called the police and they arrested me.charge was plea bargened down to disorderly conduct.because the origional charge was domestic battery illinois law sais no conceal for 5 years.i got it exponged.to answer the second part,yes the isp will mail you all paperwork related to the arrest so no records should exist.a cop friend of mine told me that police agency,s can be aware of the charges but due to the expongement they must ignore it.
  4. i would reapply.i did exactly that for my conceal carry.wait about 3 months after the exp.
  5. yes it does suck,things need to change but i don,t think we will soon see that.you hit the nail on the head,liberal,s who would like to see all our firearms gone.their is only one state in the union that is worse[california] but we are rapidly approaching them.
  6. in this liberal state you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.and they wonder why people are leaving illinois in droves.
  7. i was afraid you might say cook.whatever you do,do not let the cook county sheriff,s police hold your guns.maybe you can send them to a family member outside of illinois.
  8. i would talk to a lawyer.espically now with all the gun grabbers going totally crazy.
  9. it appears that a few felony,s can be expunged,very minor ones like first offence pot posession.
  10. i believe you are correct,they will see it but they must ignore it.i am going to check into what convictions can be expunged.
  11. i would not rule out the isp doing something like that.i also heard the isp sometimes put,s a plant in a ccl class to try and catch an instructor cheating on the hours or skipping required parts of the course.
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