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  1. At this point, after getting no less than 50 pounds of junk mail from all these hacks, I'm 100% undecided. Unless I see someone I really align with on most issues, I might, dare i say, stay home.
  2. Oh boy, now I'm scared to shoot my AR 550 steel targets with 9MM. Those Blazer Brass 115 grainers are probably going to go right through those steels like a hot knife through butter. LOLOL My goodness, where does Joe come up with this drivel??? Seriously?
  3. I've been writing emails to the 10 RINO's all morning. Also contacted Joe Manchin and Synama is next <sp?> The key is to be respectful, to the point, and articulate. Even though they aren't our Senators we need volumes of respectful emails and polite phone calls going out to them. The more of us that reach out, the better our chances of getting one or two of them to vote no. Let's go, it can't hurt.
  4. Mauserme, Thanks, i sure hope you're right. We both know you've forgotten more about this stuff than I'll ever know, so I feel much better right now. Hope you're doing well my friend.
  5. From: The Truth About Guns By John Boch Date April 9, 2022 This bill appears to be a hugely damaging one to every Illinois AR owner. Worth a read, it's not good. This could be a huge hit for us, huge. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/illinois-ghost-gun-ban-bill-passed-in-dead-of-night-appears-to-ban-the-sig-p320-and-p365-unserialized-ar-uppers/ Sorry I missed the slips, I wasn't around.
  6. @solareclipse2, I 100% strongly agree with you, sir. No question about that.
  7. Our Meijer store use to be packed when we moved here. Every time we went, they were busy. Over the last several years, for whatever reason, the store is like a ghost town. I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know if they've posted that blue gun sign. I have to go now, just to check it out. I always carried there, as there were no signs.
  8. I agree, I stopped going to public ranges 5 plus years ago. I enjoyed shooting at my local public range. I met some nice people there and got help from some really amazing pistol shooters as well. then one day, a group of three guys came in, and what I saw was 100% clowns. Totally unsafe practices, clowning around, muzzling themselves and others. Yikes, that scared the heck out of me. The guy who was running the range that day called the three of them out over the PA system. He banned them for life and didn't allow them to go back to get their gear. He did that himself. It gets real intense, real fast when you have unsafe clowns on a gun range. We belong to a private club now, and I've only witnessed one group of clowns in the bay next to us. I walked over and respectfully asked them to tighten things up or leave, as we didn't feel safe. They tightened things up STAT, thankfully.
  9. The very first day I saw an FRT in action on YouTube, I thought to myself, AFT coming for these right quick. I've never fired a full auto, but I've watched a ton of videos. I know zero about about how full auto works. That said, the Rare Breed company is using the technical language of how their trigger functions in order to fight the AFT. I think it's likely a losing battle. Even if Rare Breed is 100% correct, who has the money to get into a full blown legal battle with the government who can print all the dollars they need? These kinds of triggers test the waters. They're also pretty useless in this time of super high ammo prices. I've never desired one of these, a binary trigger, or a bump stock? That doesn't mean I think it was right to ban bump stocks ot from a technical perspective the FRT. However, like someone else said, i love my family nd our dog too much to be the test case. Glad i stayed away. Meantime,, just out of curiosity, I went to Rare Breeds site last night. Unless I'm missing something, they're still selling these???? That seems like playing with hot fire (pardon the pen) to me???
  10. Irvin is a huge anti 2A guy. Don't be fooled by his nonsense. When i saw his commercials, I thought, hey I really like this guy for governor. Then I did my homework. He's right up there with the mayor of Highland Park and Oak Park as far as the anti 2A stance. I use to workout with the mayor of Oak Park back when I was still working in the city. Back then he was not mayor of OP yet and a restaurant owner. I'm sure he still owns multiple very good restaurants and is still a very nice guy, but he's also very anti 2A. I was disappointed to learn that Mayor Irvin was so anti 2A. I'm gonna blow with the wind and follow the pack here as far as who gets my vote for governor. As long as it isn't JB, and we can get a 2A friendly candidate, I'm good to go.
  11. I use to go to Mega to use the range all the time. I never had a single bad experience. When Pat left to move to Tn., it was still nice, but he was the best.
  12. I really don't like being one of those guys, not by by a long shot, but not only did I not renew, I called them and respectfully asked them to stop sending any and all communications to me in any form. ISRA, like the NRA, needs a complete reboot. We need serious leadership from people that aren't 90 years old. For a while I enjoyed reading Pearson's story time in his emails. I also enjoyed the newspaper they sent. That all changed when they sold us out. I bought a regular Life membership to the NRA, I've respectfully resigned that membership as well. GOA has been blowing up my mailbox with good and important issues that allows me to get in touch with our people in D.C. Granted, Tammy and Richard never reply with anything save for the Dem talking points pre written letters. At least they know I care and won't be voting for them.
  13. @illinois_buckeye Thanks, that's interesting. I appreciate your reply.
  14. @spanishjames Thank you very much for the quick reply, sir. I appreciate you.
  15. Hi All, Can someone give me the Cliffs Notes on this no expiry on the new FOID cards? I haven't been around much? What's the deal with that? Thanks
  16. Taurus Slides are notorious for scuffing and scratching very easily. They've come a long way, but I'd love to see them use a tougher finish on the slides. We have a few TX 22's for range use. They're fabulous 22's, but the slides are scuffed and worn a lot from going in and out of the kydex OWB holsters so often. They still run like champs though and we have mucho huge round counts on both. Ahhh, I'm down to the last of my 3.3 cent rounds of Aguila Super Extra Copper Washed 40 grain round nose. I miss those prices. Sorry I'm of no help when it comes to offering a solution for your scratched slide.
  17. I unsubscribed from ISRA Pearson emails about a year ago. I've never understood how his brain works. Some of the emails were so hard to take seriously, I couldn't take it any longer. What the ISRA needs is the same thing NRA needs, a complete reboot. Younger people with strong Pro 2A views and the ability to operate in the shark tank. (State and Federal Congress folks) If and when they do these reboots, I'll be an enthusiastic supporter of both organizations. Until then, I feel like they're spinning our wheels and accomplishing nothing that benefits the membership. I don't know enough about Madigan to comment on him, but what I do know is that I could never compliment him on a job well done.
  18. Both Guns and Gadgets and 2a EDU on YouTube report this has passed house and senate and will be signed by Brandon toot sweet. Furthermore, Guns and Gadgets reports that he has it on good authority that the fabulous NRA told senators they were neutral on the VAW clause. I'm not an NRA member, so I have no clue if that's legit or not, but Guns and Gadgets is pretty wired into some good sources. For now, I'm going to guess he's correct, until shown otherwise.
  19. For me, I have to agree. If some road rager exits his vehicle and is heading towards mine, I'm going to do whatever i can to get outta there prior to that person getting to my vehicle. At the same time, I'm hitting 911 on the blower. The best fights I was ever in were on the rink when i was playing hockey at the juniors level.(not quite NHL farm teams) I got my butt whooped a few more times than I'd like to admit, but I've always disliked conflict, and do whatever it takes to avoid it. I like your thinking and mindset, CGS.
  20. Hello everyone, I received the CCL renewal letter via USPS yesterday. My current CCL doe not expire until August. This is a dumb question, but it'd be dumber if I didn't ask? This is my first renewal and I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I take my renewal class now and get the new certificate? How long is the certificate good for? Should I apply for the renewal before or after I take the renewal class? Will I need to pay for new fingerprints, or will my original set still be acceptable? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, I appreciate all of you. John
  21. Hi Molly, Mauser, and fellow IC members, I was a bit late in responding to this call for slips, but I got mine in yesterday. I haven't been around the board in quite a while, but I'm back now and will do everything I can to support IC and the legislation we support. John PS Thanks Molly for helping me find my login again. Getting old is tough.
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