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  1. Thanks. That's the issue, the checkbox doesn't actually work. I can't click it in any of the three browsers. This is the second part, after doing the first change of address section. Edit: Ok I figured it out. On the first page, I had to not select "same as mailing address", then reenter the exact same information as current residence address. Dunno why but doubling up the information worked.
  2. The change of address form seems to be broken. I put in my old address and it takes me here to update my past addresses. The checkbox isn't actually selectable, and the country and state dropdowns contain no entries and I can't just type something in. This doesn't work even after adding a new address record. I've tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE. I've tried to call the FOID number 3 times now, but I get off work right near when it closes. I did manage to get a call in at 2:30pm yesterday, but it still went through the same "we are experiencing high call volume" spiel. Anyone have any ideas?
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