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  1. This is really gonna affect the surplus firearms I have and love to shoot. US manufacturers aren't going to fix this because there isnt a huge market. Nobody is going to make 7.62x39 or 7.62x54r in bulk in the US at the price Russia did, its all going to be purchased from like Romania or other ex soviet countries but now at a huge premium. US manufacturers cant even get the US staples of 9mm or 5.56 back down to reasonable prepanic prices. I might just sell all my cool surplus firearms and buy a black powder artillery cannon. I need to look more into it. At least then I'll always be able to buy what I need to shoot it.
  2. The buyer, not the seller, provides the record to an FFL along with a fee of up to $25. As written, the FFL is supposed to keep the record, but there appears to be no penalty if the FFL destroys (or simply loses) it.Wait, the buyer really has the responsiblity to turn in documentation of the sale to an FFL? Is this a joke? So there is no change in how the seller handles things, but the buyer has to go out of their way within 10 days to pay an FFL in person to keep record of it? What if the buyer gets sick, car breaks down, has a medical emergency? Will the FFL even accept it after 10 days or do you just at that point get charged with a misdemeanor? What if the buyer just lies and says they bought it back in 1980, at what point and in what situation would law enforcement even check? What if the seller gave false information? What positive thing could this possibly hope to accomplish? I guess it's not as bad as I first thought but this is going to get really messy.. could that be what they want? Is this just a ploy to slap anyone found in possession of a gun that isnt "registered with an FFL" with a crime? I've bought several guns private sale over the years completely on the up and up, how exactly would I be able to prove that I don't deserve a misdemeanor under this law if I am ever questioned by police?
  3. So like it is now for a private sale, run the buyers foid through ISP site and then within 10 days mail or email an FFL a copy of the transfer and sellers foid information. What if they throw it into the trash because they arent accepting this? It says the seller doesnt need to retain a transfer record at that point?
  4. ISRA's reply makes sense to me. Strategically they may have been doing everything for the best. Still, any money donated to the ISRA might be better spent on a moving van to gtfooi asap. It is clear that Illinois is regressing quickly in so many ways easily beyond simply its gun laws. Like the ISRA says, there is only so much that can be done with the Democrats in power.
  5. Link? Anything that Todd V says is worth reading about.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted yet but mom at arms had an interesting article about how the ISRA supported the origional FOID act back in the late 60's.
  7. Anyone know if that picture going around of him supposedly posing on the burning remains at waco with an m14 is really actually him? They can't be that obtuse, right? .... right?
  8. If fingerprints are such a dinosaur, why do we need to provide them then? Why make it more restrictive at all? Your making a "If you have nothing to hide" argument. Sure, in all practical sense and purpose the government having your finger prints it is not a big deal, but why should we have to jump through hoops? Why should the process be made more complicated?
  9. You're being unfairly harsh here. Can you honestly say, that Illinois, give the aboe mention restrictions on marches and gatherings, would NOT charge as many IGOLD marchers thumbing there nose at those restrictions, with charges that guarantee forfeiture of FOID and or CCL? Are you willing to have your firearms taken by the state, for the LONG time you would have to fight it in the courts? That is a lot to ask for just the IGOLD march, as important as it is. I think you are being harsh. A few dozen / hundred people showing up in Springfield for an impromptu protest peacefully walking outdoors in public space really isn't going to cause the sky to fall on anyone as hard as you think it will.
  10. Because there is a better chance of pigs flying than that passing.
  11. If the police take my fingerprints thats a search and subject to 4th amendment protections, so why would I have to give up my 4th amendment rights and provide fingerprints in order to access my 2nd amendment rights? How dare Illinois consider treating us effectively the same as a criminal being booked, simply for trying to obtain a permission slip to legally excercise our rights. They can take my fingerprints from my cold dead hands, haha.
  12. The people who hid Anne Frank were breaking the law. Just saying.
  13. Are you in IL? I thought sbrs or any nfa item required a bunch of hoops.
  14. Time to paint a deep, dark, painful picture of the state of Illinois gun owners. This overview is created using the information in this thread along with census.gov population "ESTIMATES". I can't preview my post so hopefully this is readable and interesting. The TOTAL POPULATION of Illinois is 12,801,539.. give or take a little bit. Assuming there are still two genders, that total is composed of 6,291,791 Men and 6,509748 Women. Now, there are 2,239,515 total FOID CARDS issued in the state, with 1,561,070 belonging to men and 678,445 belonging to women. This comes out to 17.49% of the population having a FOID card, or 24.81% of ALL men and 10.42% of ALL women, in the state. The breakdown of FOID holders is 69.71% male to 30.29% female. Only 17.49% of the population of Illinois has a FOID card. Now there is an interesting thing about the FOID card. You need a FOID card to have a CCL license! 14.35% of all men who own a FOID card have gotten a CCL while only 7.41% of women with a FOID card have gotten a CCL. Moving on totally to Concealed Carry Licenses we have 274,258 total CCL's issued in the state. 224,005 of which have been issued to men and 50,253 to women. The breakdown of CCL holders is 81.68% male to 18.32% female. This comes out to 2.14% of the total population having a CCL, or 3.56% of men and 0.77% of women. Hall of Fame: Calhoun County - Highest percentage of FOID card holders with 50.74% of the population owning a FOID. Wow!!! Pope County - Highest percentage of CCL holders, with 6.21% of the population packing. Wabash County - Highest percentage of FOID holders who have gotten a CCL (18.43%) White County - Highest percentage of Female FOID holders who have gotten a CCL (13.32%) Hall of Shame: Cook County - Lowest total percentage of FOID holders (11.09%) Cook County - Lowest total percentage of CCL holders (1.48%) Cook County - Most murders.
  15. It's been increasing steadily. I wouldn't be surprised if a fairly high percentage of recent applicants for FOID cards are also applying for carry licenses, either concurrently or soon after. There are strong hints that this is the case. The more expensive something is, the less people get it. Our CCW has got to be one of the most expensive in the country. If there was no fee (or the fee was single digits), and if there were actually free classes out there somewhere the number of people with CCW would probably double.
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