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  1. I get that there are a lot of bills and only so much bandwidth but neutral on HB3238? Really? Neutral on a body armor ban styled the same as the assault weapon ban? If the whole point of concealed carry is to be able to protect yourself, how can illinoiscarry be neutral on a ban on body armor? Concealed carry might as well be a hobby if self defense isn't the goal. Thanks for all you do and keeping tracking of all this garbage.
  2. The what is a firearm thread is awesome but it doesn't answer the question. I mean, what is a firearm? Since lower receivers are firearms and "assault weapon parts" are banned, is it possible to "register" a blank piece of metal as an assault weapon? I don't own an AR-15, and right now I apparently can't legally ever buy one in this state... but I can legally buy a chunk of aluminum and call it an AR-15 lower receiver. A zero percent lower is just a chunk of metal... or is it? Last years ghost gun law bans homemade firearms and 80 percent lowers unless they have been serialized by an FFL, but there is an exception if the firearm has been made "Permanently inoperable". Idk about you, but a featureless square of aluminum sure says permanently inoperable to me. Does a permanently inoperable firearm receiver still have to be registered as an illegal assault weapon? So, what is a firearm? According to the ATF, an 80% lower is not even a firearm. However, according to the new assault weapon ban and IL's ghost gun law, is an 80 percent lower an AR-15 according to Illinois? With that logic why isn't any piece of raw material or "zero percent lower" considered an assault weapon? When they give foid cards with "Assault Weapon Endorsements" on them, I'm very excited to get "Ford Escape" put on mine for when I register the frame of my vehicle.
  3. When it's his job, livelihood, and family that would ultimately suffer from upholding his oath, will he still comply? Find a new line of work.
  4. Anyone have the text of the bill at the governors desk? There was some things in the senate bill yesterday that were ripe for loopholes.
  5. I own half of the guns that are banned by name. Oh joy.
  6. Have you tried just applying normally again after you turned 21? Now that you can apply without a sponsor, there really is nothing to appeal. Unless the ISP throws every denied applicant into the "DENY FOREVER UNTIL THEY APPEAL" bin, which they totally might do, you should be able to get one. Your application sounds like it should have been rejected, not full blown denied.
  7. Im honestly at the point where selling every gun I own and using the money to move to wisconsin makes more sense than renewing my Foid ever again.
  8. How are we going to get constitutional carry when we need a FOID to even own a firearm?
  9. Nothing like good old-fashioned misogyny to make the ignorant turn down good advice.
  10. Witness slips are just fun because they are easy to do and see to determine how much visibility a bill is getting. x oppose, y support. In reality, half the names are fake. I wouldn't take it too seriously, because the politicians sure don't.
  11. The biggest problem I have is with red flag laws. If someone is deemed "so dangerous" to themselves or others by a court that their constitutional rights are taken away, they need to be locked up and removed from society. Similarly, I think felons should have their rights restored upon release. If they are too dangerous to be in society with all their rights, why do we even let them out? Why did we ever get rid of asylums? Who's idea was it to let the mentally Ill, homeless, and people too dangerous to hold a spoon to just be out and about only to ever to be delt with by overworked cops and emts?
  12. What form are you guys talking about? I have never been asked to fill out a form state specific form besides the federal 4473.
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