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  1. I know there are several threads on this, but they are riddled with conflicting information. Does anyone know the clear answer on what you are required to do with your FOID/CCL when moving out of IL? Some have said do nothing, others have said they had warrants issued when they did nothing. Some have said mail it, some have said turn it in to local PD (who I am sure would laugh at me in Indiana). I have tried emailing and calling the ISP, all of the extensions for firearms at the ISP just hang up on you, tell you to call the number you just called, or tell you it is for LEO only, why bother having a phone number? So happy to be done with this. Does anyone have a clear confirmed answer on what to do? I will have to visit IL so I don't want to risk having a warrant. Thank you in advance, and I strongly encourage the rest of you to come join me, look up the property taxes in IN if you need some motivation.
  2. You just need a FOID, expect to wait 30 days. Chicago has a bunch of unconstitutional restrictions, but if you're going to get a handgun without accessories you'll be good. Transport it unloaded and in a case and you are good. In your house you can keep it loaded and carry it. If you have kids get a safe, I would also recommended a holster, I never leave a loaded firearm outside of a holster. Keeping it unloaded won't do you much good for home protection, and a proper holster will ensure safety. Also recommend a class of you're new, they are fun and informative.
  3. Submitted 9/26 w/prints Not sure when I went QC verified, but that is there as of today 11/15 50 days
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