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  1. Just got my renewed FOID in the mail. I feel lucky having waited 84 days. I was surprised that It had an indicator of N that I did not have a CCL. I applied for my CCL renewal back in March or April because it was expiring in May of 2021. Been waiting over 285 days for that one to go through, still Under Review. I thought everything was still valid until 6 months after the declared ending of the pandemic? It’s sad when the highest law enforcement agency in the state still refuses to follow the law.
  2. I've called them a month after I received my CCL and asked why I haven't received my FOID yet. I was questioned if I've ever had one. I told her I had a CCL issued by ISP. She put me on hold and came back with an even more terrible attitude and stated that she will have to put in a reprint order. She never would tell me why, so I'll assume it never got printed. 15 days since I spoke with them and still no FOID card yet
  3. I just got off the phone with ISP inquiring why I haven't received my new FOID card that went active on 5/6/16. I couldn't get a reason from them, only that they will have to send another print order. That leads me to believe that it was never printed in the first place.
  4. Received mine today. Applied 12/21/15 without prints Rejected 3/10 for unreadable classroom cert/ resubmitted same day Active 5/6
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