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  1. He's going through and deleting his twitter over the last 24 hours. Likely to rid his history of many more colorful gems.
  2. He's a real piece of work. Anti gun grabber "true believer". It's no wonder that he's been propped up for the job by the Bloomberg folks.
  3. How many dogs has David Chipman killed? Regardless of the number, expect it to go up soon.
  4. Agreed on all points here. I'd recommend getting the largest 9mm that you can each comfortably hold (if you're only going to get one gun), but ideally, you'd each have your own. .380 is a decent round, but it's more of a specialty round than 9mm. It's much harder to find right now, and it doesn't do anything better than 9mm. Felt recoil in a mouse gun is going to be high, and in a compact size I haven't noticed much difference between 9mm and .380acp. Capacity is exactly the same. Don't train for the first time on a micro .380 or micro anything... get something larger so that you'll want to come back and keep shooting. You're going to be far more inaccurate with a smaller pistol and it's going to be much harder to hit your target with a short barrel. Make it easy on yourself and go with a compact or full size pistol. Try out as many guns as you can before purchasing. Each grip angle, trigger, and other ergonomics are going to make a difference. 9mm is the most common handgun round in the world. You can't go wrong with it as a starting point.
  5. You seem to forget which party stole won the election Will they be able to 'steal' 60 votes? If not, then what's the concern?
  6. This is maybe the 4th or 5th time she's filed the same AWB. Nothing new to see here. The only concern is if the fillibuster gets dismantled. Otherwise, this is a non-starter.
  7. None of their "demands" address the root causes of any of the violence that they claim to be against. They are dogmatically attacking guns as the source of the problem. It's a cash grab by all of these Bloomberg affiliated agencies. They all but say it in this demand. Bloomberg paid for Biden's position on guns, and now he's coming to collect. He wants the money back with interest.
  8. CCL renewal is going on 8 months now. Recently got the Utah renewal in just over 2 weeks. Easy process, and it cost $20.
  9. Waits of 180 days aren't unusual right now, unfortunately. There are multiple lawsuits over this but unfortunately, Covid is slowing the process down on all sides. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/10/14/illinois-lawsuits-foid-card-delays/
  10. Walmart no longer carries any pistol ammo (other than .22 LR) or 5.56/.223.
  11. It's almost like there's political coordination here or something. That certainly couldn't be the case.
  12. Agreed. Let them show how that useless law does anything to curb crime. That's their job, since that's what they claimed the law would do in the first place.
  13. I usually check out wikiarms and then check it against our vendor list to see who is GTG. https://www.wikiarms.com/group/9mm If you see a price you like and the vendor isn't on our list you can also check their website for shipping policy and if they don't say they won't ship to Chicago you can always give them a try and see what happens. Worst case scenario is they refund your money or deny the transaction. I've found a couple good vendors that way. If you do find someone good, please let us know so I can update the list. Thanks! Good info for shopping around.
  14. Target Sports ships to Chicago Here's the cheaper stuff... If you join Prime Ammo you save a little bit more, they send you a gift near the end of your annual membership and shipping is always free no matter how small your order is. Good deal if you buy lots of ammo. I like the Speer Lawman 124 and 147 which runs around .20 per. Thanks a lot! That place looks like a winner.
  15. I'm looking to buy bulk 9mm (ideally 147 grain, but I'd get 124 or 115 grain if priced right). I can walk into a big box store right now and buy 100 rounds of brass-cased 115gr for around .16 each (plus tax). Is there anyone out there who can beat that right now (free shipping, specials, etc)? Shipping would (obviously) be to a 606 zip.
  16. From 2013: The CTA says it has a way to make riding the L safer: Get rid of most of its private security guards. https://www.bettergov.org/news/cta-security-gamble They should have never gotten rid of conductors... One person on the train, in the front car is going to lead to all sorts of problems, and I've seen that first hand many times.
  17. They have not responded to the information that I have provided them after almost two weeks and a follow up email, so I'd take them off the list of companies who will sell to the city. Lucky Gunner is on the list of Lost Causes (down below the list of confirmed shippers). They wouldn't listen to me or even to Valinda, so as far as I'm concerned there's really no more point in trying. Sorry, I quoted wrong, I wasn't trying to deal with Lucky Gunner, but MidSouth Shooters.
  18. That's not the City of Chicago. They have not responded to the information that I have provided them after almost two weeks and a follow up email, so I'd take them off the list of companies who will sell to the city.
  19. Corrected link is as follows: http://library.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll/Illinois/chicago_il/municipalcodeofchicago?f=templates$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:chicago_il I forwarded that on to MidSouth, and will let everyone know if/when they respond. What can we do about Lucky Gunner spreading this misinformation, and why would other companies be using them as a legal source instead of just looking up the current municipal code, which is pretty easy to do?
  20. So Mid South just wrote me back, and apparently, all of these sites are all aggregating their data from Lucky Gunner, because that's literally what she sent me, a PDF that is from Lucky Gunner. It's in reference to Ordinance O2013-6015 which has been off the books for I believe 4 or 5 years. Lucky Gunner needs to get leaned on to stop spreading false and incorrect information about what laws are not on the books, and haven't been for years.
  21. Their website won't allow me to order any ammo with a city address. I called and asked why, and that's what the woman told me. I have ordered from them before, and as I said, I asked what law they were referencing, and she said she didn't know. I won't hold my breath, but maybe they'll get back to me and it gets straightened out. It would be a shame to not be able to use them, and I won't shop with anyone who won't sell me ammo that is perfectly legal for me to purchase.
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