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  1. I didn't see anything on this surprisingly... https://redstate.com/shipwreckedcrew/2021/03/18/colorado-judge-strikes-down-city-of-boulders-municipal-ordinance-banning-possession-of-assault-weapons-like-ar-15s-n345788 Not Illinois but it is a good ruling
  2. If Lansing isn't too far for you, Pelchers Gun shop & Range is worth looking at
  3. For the frugal reloader: Lee Classic Loader https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012833230/
  4. That did not last long "Within hours of the ruling, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed a brief seeking to dismiss Gardner’s charges against the McCloskeys on the grounds that their Second Amendment rights are being violated." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/missouri-ag-moves-to-dismiss-charges-against-couple-who-pointed-guns-at-crowd/ar-BB16YOPR?ocid=msedgntp
  5. Is this spreadsheet useful to anyone? Gun Case Tracker https://airtable.com/shrcrC5FsedZqIi3T/tblMclNyymYiklOOg/viwM47ZZsFWQo69Vf
  6. What about that note they left that looks like a 9 yr. old made it ? Not official looking at all.
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