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  1. Surprised it took you long enough. This state has been well screwed since long before I was even born but the 2018 gubernatorial election truly sealed it for me. This recent election further cemented it with morons re-electing a billionaire who directly profited from his own lockdown mandates. Yet “eat the rich” is the democrat party mantra and from his own constituents. Verifiable, certifiable f’ing morons. Good on you for bolstering another red state. I moved north to help out purple WI and my local election at least kept Johnson in our district.
  2. You’re going to quickly realize how much of a prisoner you were in IL compared to living up here now. I don’t say that jokingly either. I had no IL CCL (DD-214 though) and I got my WI CCL in FOUR days after I got my license a week after moving. Cash and carry if you want to buy anything. And the best part? NFA doesn’t stand for “No Fun Allowed” up here. Ive been here a month and already have two silencers in jail, waiting. Greatest decision I have ever made in mine and my wife’s life to GTFOOIL.
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