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  1. Surely no one is truly surprised at this. Illinois hasn't met an infringement on gun owners that they don't love.
  2. Bailey for me, no questions. If we never stand with someone who has our values they sure don't stand a chance. I understand that sometimes it is necessary but I don't like just voting against a candidate. I like to vote for a candidate.
  3. Sadly they are in the process of banning gas tanks over 10 gallons......
  4. Just as others have said. He does not NEED one but I would suggest that he get one. My daughter has had one since she was five and has since been through a renewal
  5. Thanks. Discussed on page 9. Reported as passed but posts also indicated tabled in June and to be revisited in July.July and August minutes are not posted yethttp://www.co.adams.il.us/county_board/index.htm Unfinished business on July agenda. No mention on August Agenda. I saw that and saw it is green on the map so I wanted to make sure that it is right.
  6. I live in Adams county and I do not think they passed it. I have not heard anything other than they were considering and then tabled it. I will do some checking and see what I can find but it may take me a little bit.
  7. I don't know but I am guessing the offense that is keeping you from being approved goes there.
  8. They are going to have a pile of fax paper this morning when they hit the office.
  9. Thank you for this thread. My wifes credentials were renewed earlier this month and I never even thought to update with ISP
  10. I got the cards today. They are very nice. It will be a pleasure handing them out. Thank you for the offer.
  11. I dont understand what this feature does. I can view Il Carry on my Android right now just fine. I have never tried to reply to anything, is this where it helps?
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