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  1. Another Dillon here. I started with the 550 and am still using it with a few upgrades. It has produced many, many thousands of rounds. Like others above I started with one cartridge at a time. Lots of good choices out there but I have never been sorry for buying the Dillon.
  2. The FFL will need to contact the ISP. It won't be easy but after that amount of time they are going to need to speak to someone to shake it loose. Speaking from personal experience.
  3. I guess I am confused. If they didn't call this for a vote it didn't pass correct? The news stations here are acting like it is a done deal. At this point they need 3/5 to pass anything?
  4. I decided to take a chance on them and signed up to become a dealer. So far they seem like a pretty ok holster. I can't speak to long term yet but they are comfortable, fit the gun well, and hold close to the body.
  5. It seems that Tammy has voted YES on a Biden cabinet nominee. No real shock but I suppose she considers this a "diversity" nominee. The confirmation vote was 52 to 48, with two Republicans joining all Democrats in support of Levine, a professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine.
  6. I hear ya but when the Ds have power and the R supports and votes as a D it isn't really a huge loss.
  7. Done and done although it seems it doesn't really sway the votes. I will keep it up in hopes someone takes it into consideration. BTW thank you for keeping us up on the notices
  8. A bunch of them. Using the same flawed logic as many current gun owners. I have XXX, nobody needs XXX so I won't be affected by the new laws. Until your XXX is on the chopping block.
  9. A dealer in Illinois must have an approval from FTIP before they can transfer a firearm. Could be instant, could be 3 weeks.
  10. What did you buy and do you like it? Getting ready to buy a new holster and may take you up on your discount if you like the holster.
  11. Likely only be two before the Senate and likely the House flip Republican and put some water on his plans. I sure hope you are correct and we don't get a fresh batch of RINOS. We also have to deal with rogue agencies that are already looking at gun control measures and we cannot un-elect those people. We really need the SCOTUS to come down hard but I am not holing my breath for that either.
  12. Really, I am surprised it took this long. Get ready for four LONG years
  13. Can you imagine what minimum wage would be if that were the case?? Not disagreeing, just saying...
  14. How about this one? https://www.guns.com/news/2018/10/16/federal-court-finds-for-worker-fired-by-company-after-keeping-gun-in-vehicle
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