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  1. Code 620 Firearms Training (Cherry Valley, IL ) offers 16-Hour and 8-Hour classes, with NRA/USCCA-Certified Instructor. Call 815-299-4096 for further information and to reserve your spot(s). Next 16/8-Hour CCW Class, August 28 - 29 $160
  2. I'd like to add Rich Butera in Rockford. He handles FOID and CCW appeals. Richard Butera 728 N Main St Rockford, IL 61103 buteralawoffices@gmail.com 815/962-9996
  3. I had something similar happen. My FOID renewal finally went active this week after 50 weeks showing Under Review. It took several phone calls from my Rep and Senators offices during this past year before anything finally happened. Strange thing though, my FOID response through a law enforcement inquiry showed valid Covid-19 while it still said Under Review in my ISP account. I think the system is losing applications/renewals somewhere.
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