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  1. On 1/11/2023 at 12:00 PM, Upholder said:

    Today, SCOTUS declined to intervene at this point and overturn the 2nd Circuit's ruling that itself overturned the District court's stay.  There were no dissents, but Thomas and Alito noted that it was not a decision on the merits of the case:






    "No justice publicly dissented from the decision, but Justice Samuel Alito, writing for himself and fellow conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, described the court's action as procedural (emphasis mine) "rather than expressing any view on the merits of the case.""


    "Wednesday's action may not be the last time the Supreme Court addresses New York's new gun law. Alito and Thomas noted that other challenges to the state's law are currently on a fast-track in the 2nd Circuit and invited plaintiffs to return to the Supreme Court if that appeals court does not expedite the proceedings in their case as well." (Emphasis mine.)


    In the interest of transparency: I got the link above from another post here at IC, than couldn't find it again. Not trying to steal anyone's thunder. Thanks for the link.



  2. On 1/10/2023 at 8:57 PM, Upholder said:

    Todd notes in his video that analyzing just the mag portion took him about 8 hours and that filings are focused on being right, not on being fast.   So there are not likely to be filings tomorrow.


    Which makes sense. Plus, we have to take into account that the final product was just passed today. We don't want to leave one stone un-turned.

  3. The more quickly the bill is signed, the more quickly the 2A side sues. 


    As for "them" knowing it's going down: of course they do, that's not the point. "They" get to both virtue signal, and please their gun-grabbing money stream. And JB gets to run for the Democrat nomination for president as a warrior against the evil gun nuts who actually both believe in, and revere, the Constitution of the United States.

  4. On 1/10/2023 at 9:20 AM, mikew said:

    Each of us should make sure that we have contributed money for the legal effort.

    This one is for all the marbles.


    And not just the 2A. This is about the Constitution itself as a whole. 

  5. On 1/9/2023 at 6:00 PM, Upholder said:

    Bailey brings up NYSRPA v Bruen, reads from the decision.  Notes that there must be a demonstrated tradition.   "What history and tradition from 1791 allowed commonly owned firearms to be banned from possession?"


    Harmon: "The SCOTUS jurisprudence seems to be muddled"


    The lower courts that are already issuing TROs per Bruen don't seem to think so.

  6. On 1/9/2023 at 10:55 AM, Matt B said:

    They are either oblivious or in denial. I don’t know if it matters which one it is.. but I would love to know.


    Some of them are probably oblivious, and some in denial. But their are others that know the constitutional realities, and don't care. The people/organizations that pull their chains (and disburse the funds) want this, and they are willing to do their bidding.

  7. On 1/8/2023 at 7:15 PM, cybermgk said:

    "“Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, but we’ve locked in inflation bumps each July, and now, late at night, with no one here, we’ve ensured our pay goes up well beyond what the private sector sees,” state Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield, told The Associated Press. "


    Batinick (R) voted no. Of the three reps close by me, Elik (R) voted no. Hoffman and Stuart (both D) voted yes.


    I'm just sayin'.

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