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  1. From page 7 of the bill. Wouldn't this take care of the pre-serial number issue? " 18 (h) Exceptions. This Section does not apply to an 19 unserialized unfinished frame or receiver or an unserialized 20 firearm that: 21 (1) has been rendered permanently inoperable; 22 (2) is an antique firearm, as defined in 18 U.S.C. 23 921(a)(16); 24 (3) was manufactured prior to October 22, 1968;
  2. Anybody else get another anti-Bailey flyer in the mail today? I wonder if this stuff is going statewide, or just downstate? I'm going to guess it's only going to folks that have voted in past Republican primaries.
  3. I got an Irvin campaign nastygram in the mail today, aimed at both Bailey and Sullivan. And taking a shot at the Democrats for sticking their noses in the Republican primary to boot. I don't ever recall this much interest in a Republican primary for governor. Hopefully it will lead to the best candidate (whichever one that is) winning.
  4. I don't pretend to know who would have a chance of beating JB. If the commercials airing (on cable, anyway) in the metro-east are any indication, I know who the Democrats are worried about. And that's Irvin.
  5. I have yet to see anything that causes me to regret canceling my ISRA membership. Someone tell me again please how the bill they were "neutral" on helps the law abiding gun owner?
  6. I think if there's money to be made, online sellers may well check FOIDs electronically. If there is a viable system for doing so, of course. By phone? How's the phone thing working out currently?
  7. So, they are going to outlaw knives....rocks....2X4s....fists....feet....rouge automobiles....etc? Meaningful means effective, right?
  8. There was also something buried in there about charging the FOID applicant for the cost of a background check. No dollar figure and I did not see any guarantee of meeting the legislated timeline. I think you might be referring to page 42, lines 18-22. These seem to refer to paying for checking the optional fingerprints (lines 5-17) against ISP and FBI criminal history databases. However...the proposed review board mentioned by Molly in post # 130 would be able to vote to require an applicant to provide electronic fingerprints (page 58, line 23 and on). Obviously, the applicant seeking review would be required to pay for the electronic fingerprints. And surely the cost of having them checked against databases as well.
  9. Hoffman is from Madison County, which voted over 2 to 1 to become a 2A sanctuary county. I don't think the folks in his district will smile on the idea of paying more to exercise their gun rights. As an edit: I will confess I don't know what percentage of his district is in Madison County. I will say the gun culture down here is strong, and that's not restricted to Madison County alone.
  10. "Imposes a 1% surcharge on firearm ammunition, which shall be deposited into the Trauma Response Fund. Effective immediately." What would keep these funds from being "swept" if so decreed by the powers that be? How about they put a surcharge on Marijuana sales instead?
  11. Confusing and or a little murky. Good advice about the FOID. My wife doesn't shoot (yet). But she has a FOID, just so she could legally "posess" firearms should something happen to me.
  12. It wont turn us into the Wild West, it will just make Illinois like any other state in the union that does not require the card. Like with concealed carry, the Illinois politicians are so arrogant that they think they are wiser than the politicians in every other state.Didnt hear much after the shootouts and blood running in streets events did not happen after passing CCL. They like to point to the handful of states remotely similar instead of the other 40+ that arent set up like IL yet do not have their issues. Its sad that most of these legislators know nothing about firearms and arent interested in educating themselves before introducing a bill that does nothing but feels good. I think for at least some of them it goes beyond feeling good (though I don't discount that). I'd be curious how many of the "true believers" would lose a little fervency if there was zero chance of tangible gain.
  13. The next step (if it played out that way) would be to litigate the fact that if defendant Brown can't be legally required to have a FOID card, then neither can anybody else.
  14. We would be too but remember, McDonald vs Chicago had to remove the ban in in the home before we could get rid of the ban outside the home. Common sense (I know...I know...) dictates that one would have to be able to transport the firearm and ammunition TO the home. If it's legal IN the home without a license, it has to be legal getting it TO the home without a license.
  15. What could he do? You mean while he supports Chicago's sanctuary status for illegal immigrants? Good question.
  16. All precincts reporting. The measure passes with 67% voting "Yes".
  17. 91% of precincts reporting in Madison County. The 2A Sanctuary County measure is winning by just over 31,000 votes. That just over a 2 to 1 margin.
  18. Madison County has been trending right. Donald Trump won the county by almost 20,000 votes in 2016. https://www.politico.com/2016-election/results/map/president/illinois/ In addition, 15 of 29 county board members are Republicans.
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