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  1. You hit the jackpot on an old inventory item they must have found in the back of the safe.  What year was this new one produced?  There might have been a used one in rough shape with no factory box for $800, but the vast majority are selling for $1000-$1500, which does not include tax and shipping. 

  2. Once you have been issued your CCL, you must have it on your person whenever you are carrying a concealed firearm. Your license, however, does not allow you to carry a concealed handgun anywhere you want. By law, you are prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm in, on, or at:

    • Public transit, including trains and buses
    • Airports
    • Pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools
    • Colleges, universities, and trade schools, unless authorized by the institution
    • Childcare and daycare facilities
    • Playgrounds and municipality-controlled pubic parks, excluding bike paths
    • The Cook County Forest Preserve
    • Any establishment at which 50 percent of gross revenue comes from alcohol sales
    • Local or state government buildings
    • Hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities
    • Libraries
    • Sports arenas and stadiums
    • Museums, amusement parks, and zoos
    • Casinos, racetracks, riverboats, and off-site betting locations
    • Nuclear facilities
    • Private property, at the owner's discretion (Non-residences must have a sign indicating the prohibition.)
    • Concealed Carry in a Prohibited Area: One of the most common CCL-related violations is carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited area. A first offense is a Class B misdemeanor, and you could face up to six months in jail. A second offense is elevated to a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail. A third offense is also a Class A misdemeanor and will result in your CCL being permanently revoked.
  3. On 5/23/2022 at 8:19 PM, BRJ said:

    The seller would not get $1100 so you know someone who is going to list a firearm for less than 10%? There is also an advantage to accepting credit cards which adds value on gunbroker, with GB fees and CC fees you are not getting $1100. You would be lucky to get $1k.


    credit cards offer protection to the buyer. 

    best of luck with your sale, seems to have sat around a while, clearly to expensive and my offer of $900 seems fair.

    Thanks, but this seller charged an additional 3% credit card fee, and here is a Gunbroker fee based on a $1500 sale, so $1100+ is very correct: 


    For example, a $1500 item would cost:

    1. $250 times 6% = $15.00
    2. $1250 times 3.5% = $43.75
    3. Total = $58.75
  4. On 5/23/2022 at 8:04 PM, BRJ said:

    Yes but if you are the seller you would get around a grand. There is other examples selling less than 1k and one going as much as $1600.

    The seller would get $1100+, but that's not the point.  The point is there was a reputable buyer that was willing to pay well over $1300. after shipping taxes, and FFL transfer fee.

  5. I should have said, additional polishing on a factory polished stainless handgun will absolutely increase the value. Taking a dull brushed stainless factory handgun to a high gloss might lower the value, only if it is a collectable.

  6. On 5/5/2022 at 6:47 AM, Rilo said:

    Hi all,


    if I wanted to polish some of my stainless guns to a high finish almost nickel how much does this truly hurt the value? I was reading online you completely remove the value and collectibility?




    Nonsense, whoever wrote that is an idiot IMO.  Also, you can always return the bright finish back to a duller satin finish with minimal unpolishing.

  7. On 4/4/2022 at 7:28 PM, Bubbacs said:

    You’re allowed to fondle you firearms outside the range at the tables behind the range at Shoot Point Blank (aka new name)

    The wife and I went there to check them out. Sitting at a table and watching peeps shoot. Two guys come out with three range bags between them. Sit down and proceed to lay out four handguns and fondling them and pointing then everywhere. One guy points at the check in/ rental area and says “check out these night sights”.


    We got up and left as fast as we could. And haven’t been back nor will we be going to those facilities ever.


    When I hear guys complain about a range and the strict rules they enforce, I have to shake my head and then we read these almost every six months!


    Well that would never happen at Shoot Point Blank in Mokena.  Your gun has to be cased anywhere outside  of your shooting lane.  The back tables are for reloading magazines, stacking targets or similar items.  Any exposed gun has to be left on your enclosed lane table and pointed down range.  I can't believe other Range USA locations (Point Blank) do not operate in exactly the same way that I see in Mokena every month over the last several years.

  8. The CZ slide stop is a wear item, and should be replaced at 5000 rounds IMO.  However, the new CZ Shadow 2 slide stop should be replaced every 3000 rounds because of the newer designed frame.  A few of the early Shadow 2's (not very many) had the frame cracking where the slide stop pin ran through, so CZ removed that frame material in their final design, and that created more flexing of the pin. The round numbers are my estimate, but there is plenty of info out there on the forums.

  9. On 3/31/2022 at 6:05 PM, Packy said:

    Not having an expiration date on the IL CCL, I suspect sometime soon, states that honor the Illinois CCL, will cease honoring it. Glad I have a 10-year Florida nonresident license.


    That's an interesting point you brought up.  Law enforcement can run your card number if they feel like it, but not having an expiration date just adds another level of work for them in non-serious situations.

  10. On 3/28/2022 at 9:51 PM, GSDlady said:

    Hubby and I received cards in today's mail.  We renewed on 5/2/21 (no prints).  My old card expired 5/23/21.  Expiration on portal is 3/22/27.  Five years from the printed date.


    I had contacted my state senator back on February 14, they checked into it and told me that our renewals were in the final stages.  However when I checked on 3/22 (coincidentally the printed date) the portal was still showing "We have received your submission and your payment was successful. We have not yet reviewed any aspect of your application. It is in the verification queue."  

     Your FOID expiration should now show 3/22/32.

  11. On 3/5/2022 at 9:15 AM, Rmac702 said:

     Wow, that's pretty fast considering I renewed 2-2021, and mine just went active on 2-28-2022, same day as yours .  That was 5 months quicker than  mine, so that email you sent must have worked.


    Final update:  USPS informed delivery is showing my renewed CCL will be delivered later today.  It only took 386 days to process and get it to me....😮

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