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  1. I thought the ISP was going to replace the old FOID/CCL cards that just say CCL? The new cards say CCL Yes. I still have the old version.
  2. Well July 1st is coming up quickly, and the way I understand the new law is that you must use a FFL for person to person firearm sales. Is this not correct?
  3. It's too bad you are considered guilty until you prove your own innocence. Somehow that got twisted around over the past 30 years.
  4. Here's a pretty good article on the current ban: https://www.gunssavelife.com/cook-county-forest-preserves-cops-threaten-arrests-for-lawful-ccw/
  5. The first combo cards just said Yes for the indicator, and the new cards (like mine from April 2022) only say CCL for the indicator, but he is saying the new reissued card says CCL and Yes for the indicator. This sounds like the third update.
  6. Thanks for posting this. Now I can expect a new FOID/CCL. Mine was issued last April lacks the Yes.
  7. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    You hit the jackpot on an old inventory item they must have found in the back of the safe. What year was this new one produced? There might have been a used one in rough shape with no factory box for $800, but the vast majority are selling for $1000-$1500, which does not include tax and shipping.
  8. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    I don't see a date on your receipt for that polished stainless. Their site says out of stock, just like all the others do.
  9. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    Wow, a used CZ75b polished stainless just sold for $1775, not including taxes or shipping. . RARE CZ 75B High Polish Stainless - Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.com : 939522459
  10. I really wonder how many Cook County Forest Preserve officers know about this ruling. I can see those officers being told to seize and arrest and let the court sort it out. Meanwhile, you get arrested, gun is seized and your vehicle is towed. Always remember, you are guilty till you prove your innocence, just my opinion.
  11. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    Thanks, but this seller charged an additional 3% credit card fee, and here is a Gunbroker fee based on a $1500 sale, so $1100+ is very correct: For example, a $1500 item would cost: $250 times 6% = $15.00 $1250 times 3.5% = $43.75 Total = $58.75
  12. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    The seller would get $1100+, but that's not the point. The point is there was a reputable buyer that was willing to pay well over $1300. after shipping taxes, and FFL transfer fee.
  13. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    It all depends on what you are selling and buying. Here is an example of an auction today for a desirable used CZ75 polished stainless handgun. It sold for $1200 plus shipping, tax and FFL transfer fee. CZ 75B High Polish, Rare Discontinued, 9mm, Stainless Steel - Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.com : 933190230
  14. Hi, I'm in Orland Park, and I am interested in the ammo, if it is available.



  15. That's an interesting point you brought up. Law enforcement can run your card number if they feel like it, but not having an expiration date just adds another level of work for them in non-serious situations.
  16. Thanks for this update. I'm still waiting over a year now for my CCL renewal, so maybe my new card will be correct whenever they decide to look at my renewal.
  17. How do you unlawfully carry or use a firearm if you have a license to carry? I have no idea what this could mean other than carrying not concealed and shooting it randomly.
  18. I would think it should be the new card. I'm coming up on 11 months since I entered my CCL renewal.
  19. Every gun store I have been in has requested a valid FOID card before you can handle any firearm.
  20. Last I read, they will be issued throughout 2022 to new applicants, renewals and to existing non-expired holders. Everyone is supposed to get the new cards in 2022.
  21. Ok, nothing changes with private sales until January 2024. The current requirements are still in effect until then.
  22. A little unclear about what you are saying about the private sale FFL reporting. Here are the details that take effect 1-2024: The following additional provisions take effect on Jan. 1, 2024: • Requires person-to-person firearm transfers to be subject to National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks at a federal licensed firearms dealer or through online validation by the Illinois State Police using NICS. • Requires Federal Firearms Licensures (FFL) to keep the record of a transfer for 20 years. On the demand of a peace officer, transferees have to identify the FFL dealer maintaining the transfer record. The penalty for not doing so is a Class A misdemeanor. • Requires that those who receive a firearm in a private transfer to provide a record of the transfer to a licensed firearm dealer within 10 days. The dealer in turn must keep the record for 20 years and may charge up to $25 for keeping it. The recipient of the firearm must be able to provide the name of the firearm dealer maintaining the record for that particular firearm upon demand by law enforcement. Failure to do so is a Class A misdemeanor.
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