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  1. I would go back to the local store and ask for the transaction ID number from the denial and contact ISP back with that number. Also tons of places will deny if the foid number comes back as invalid. They do not bother asking any questions. Does your foid have a 8 digit or 10 digit number? There have been many people that missed being issued the newer foid card. If you have been issued a 10 digit card the 8 digit card is now invalid.
  2. We accept them at StS Armory in Pontoon Beach. We contacted the ISP investigator when we first saw them available on the website. They would prefer us have the foid holder to pull it up in front of us and send us a screenshot in leu of a copy for the state paperwork.
  3. I have a good friend that just received the notification of revocation and the letter did not list an incident or a location. He was told it would be included in the revocation letter and it was not. The FSB call center told him they cannot tell him why. He is retaining an attorney. The only thing that could possibly be in his history is a PTSD diagnosis from his military service. He is not 100% ptsd per the VA. His provider is writing up a letter that he is not a clear and present danger and he has never shown any indication of being that way in his history. If this ends up being tied to his PTSD diagnosis that will prevent many vets from seeking care. If his attorney cannot get an answer to why this was done by the end of next week he is going to his state rep and the media.
  4. My Wife and I have been using an app on our phones or ipad called turboscan. It makes very very clear pdf files. That is how we have been making copies from the word go. I email them to myself and keep everything on an ironkey.
  5. Fantastic. Check will be in the mail in the morning.
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