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  1. Cerus

    range finders

    Golfing range finders function very differently to ones designed for hunting and shooting. There are dual purpose ones but they’re gonna cost more.
  2. Incapable? Try unwilling because the entire premise is idiotic at best. Forcing people to go down an aisle they don’t need to in order to go down another aisle in the right direction. Cuz ya know....covid will only get you if you go into a bar after 10pm, stand less than 6’ apart (only front to back, side to side is safe) or go down an aisle the wrong direction. God help us that people actually believe in this sort of nonsense.
  3. It’s probably an announcement of yet another FOID delay lawsuit that will go nowhere like the rest.
  4. Hahahaha! +10000 internet Any married man is intimately familiar with this concept.......and the disappointment it brings.
  5. So would this thread be an announcement about an announcement about an announcement?
  6. No way this will last. I predict a change in the turn-in cost or a limit placed.They already figured out how idiotic they were and will no longer be taking magazines of any kind. https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3764244626944713&id=526959564006585&__cft__%5B0%5D=AZW7YncfbKKLW9_xYraLDbGof-u2M5ztFG3AidnwHhUliLjedCKGW-pK8Ef7g-BvoNJrn_FY_K3Ny6gBp-lUPEgtVfInVtjxWek8ZjeYM5WeBvgmGsxtcdRvGKJgkAm6BCP0vPZJvnMmg9fpZ8Ym_dUb&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  7. I’m pretty sure a lost/stolen card or change of address will have a new issued date with the same expiration. It does not extend it another 5 years. CCLs are good for 5 years from the initial issued date.
  8. That’s the answer I was looking for. Thank ya much. I’m a betting man but not that bet lol
  9. It won’t let ya before then correct. My question was asking if you should renew as soon as you can or wait until a couple weeks before. The reason for waiting was to not cut yourself short on the five year license. I recall someone commenting that renewing as early as possible meant potentially losing weeks or longer of your license since the active/expiration date was not a constant.
  10. I seem to recall reading comments a while back about waiting until youre close to your expiration date before renewing. Something about getting the most out of the $150 for the full five years? Am I crazy and does that even matter now with the huge backlog? Ive got my training done and come up for renewal in June.
  11. It's not in effect until 2023. Until then, it's a perfectly valid source of revenue.Funny how such a crucial piece of legislation isnt crucial enough to take effect immediately. Guess all the poor and minorities unfairly punished dont matter for two more years.
  12. Didn’t they just eliminate cash bail or was that only for people with darker skin?
  13. Cerus

    P90 SBR

    If they follow IL law then the 26” does not apply to C&R holders. Whether they will or not is another story.
  14. Less than 200 per year for ALL rifles. Knives, hands and feet or blunt objects kill more. BUT....they don't make political hay crying about knives, hands, feet, or blunt objects. You mean you haven’t seen the news reports on those deadly assault feet?
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