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  1. I was looking at the Illinois budget, most years they don't spend the money allocated to FOID on the program, it gets misappropriated elsewhere. This year they intend to spend more then last year but not the full amount. If you notice they've gotten quite the windfall in budgetary allowances from some of the other gun grabbing schemes so maybe it is resulting in more phone staff? Budget numbers are x $1000 Notice the big uptick in CCW administration? Allocation is the same but they actually intend to spend the full allocation this year. My guess is this was stepped up after the Rockford shooting. It doesn't look good when budgets for a program are allocated via the passing of a gun control law, then spent elsewhere on the state (robbed), and the program fails to save lives like promised (we all know they fail from the start). At least when they fail burning through the full budget allocation they can get more money appropriated.
  2. 26 over is a class B misdemeanor. Fines, jail time, or supervision (which I assume carries the same loss of 2A fine print). Hope your eyesight is good enough to see those 55 to 30mph drops. Hope your speedometer is accurate to 1mph. There's plenty of highway that goes from 70 (where everyone drives 80) down to 55.
  3. The original poster's situation might be more egregious, but reckless driving tickets are not hard to get. Corrupt towns within towns in Lake County lower country road speed limits from 55 to 30 all the time and run radar in those spots. My dad got nailed for it years back, excess over 35 over on a road that used to be 55. If you don't think corrupt Illinois will find any way possible to take your money and your rights I question which side your on.
  4. Can I ask what got this big of a violation? I'm a bit worried because I do drive fast sometimes, it would suck to lose my guns over it. Alcohol related? If you don't want to answer I totally understand.
  5. If I'm planning on buying a gun at the end of the month should I hold off on this change of address? Or does it not affect NICS? If the CCW part gets delayed longer then the grace period can you not carry?
  6. Do county sheriffs in any circumstance help with traces? Or is it all ATF field agents? What if the ATF field agent was worried of the risk, would they roll up with local police or federal agents? If it was a trace investigation using heavy handed tactics would Cook County and the ATF be able to investigate outside of Cooks jurisdiction? Very likely this might of been a tactic to talk you into consenting to a search or give up information without a warrant or detainment. Perhaps the investigation went in another direction and they would like to bury the whole thing because you're no longer a suspect or lead.
  7. I realize you were trying to be helpful but it's probably not the best thing to do since it is second hand information and the original poster has already started the investigation. There may be more information that the OP only wishes to share with law enforcement, and if theres an active investigation that takes place the ISP may want this thread removed.
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