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  1. I applied for my renewal in June (no fingerprints) and received notification at the end of December that I my CCL had been renewed. Just a heads up as some may be wondering as to the wait times.
  2. That's really great and quick. I have had a CCL in a couple of other states and they were about $65 and a couple of weeks and I thought that was good.
  3. I would like to move out of Illinois, but due to family reasons i am stuck here for the next several years. I figure that will give me enough time to see if the liberals destroy the last actual free states of America in the coming years as they exit the cesspools they left due to their own voting habits. In the interim I may move someplace even more rural as people are fleeing from Chicago and bringing their crime to the outlying areas.
  4. Do you plan on moving out of Illinois? If so where to and why? Just a random question.
  5. I didn't think you had to submit proof from 12 months after the state of emergency was ceased? Either way i have a class scheduled already, just thought it wasn't required at this time from what I read?
  6. "Your Concealed Carry license does not currently have an associated training certificate, per the 2020 waiver for COVID. If you have been able to receive your CCL training certificate, please upload it here." Received the above, i thought i didn't have to have a current training certificate per the waiver? What am i missing here?
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