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  1. I'm from the St Louis Metro East area and will be traveling to Northbrook on Thursday for one night. I have my CCL and FOID. Is there any issue with the 15rd mags for my Glock 19? I searched the old threads, and it looks like I should be OK because of state preemption. Just wondering how CCL holders from Chicago handle this. Thanks
  2. I browsed the site and didn't see anything about this issue. My Illinois Real ID Drivers License that was issued in 2019 has my address as 815 Mockingbird Ct and my FOID/CCL cards have it as 815 Mockingbird Court. Is there an issue when renewing my CCL with Court being abbreviated on my DL and spelled out on my FOID/CCL? My CCL renewal form is locked into the abbreviated spelling. Just wondering if it will cause a problem since the spelling doesn't exactly match. Thanks
  3. The FOID act explains the process at a really high level, print it off for the lawyers you are talking to. I think your best bet is to find an attorney in your county that is established and has good relationships with the prosecutors and judges. You might have to call around until you find the right one.
  4. Applied with prints 1/11/16 Denied by ISP 3/14/16 Appealed 3/15/16 Approved 4/20/16 Active on 4/21/16 Received my license 4/27/16 Woo hoo!
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