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  1. Just renewed mine, posting to bump the reminder for others. Bushy
  2. Depositions are part of pre-trial discovery. There is no judge present (At least in none to which I've been a party), and it's typically done at the office of one of the lawyers. Either lawyer may object to a question posed their client during examination, but the person must still answer the question. If the objection has merit, a judge will not allow the Q and A to be used at trial, but the deposition goes ahead until then. Bushy
  3. To quote Pipedoc; The ISP FAQ is not the law! :^) We'll have to agree to disagree, doc. Bushy
  4. I) No, it is not. 2) Yes, when the enabling statute (FCCA) requires the Department to do so. The "Department shall adopt rules for standardized signs to be used under this subsection " Emphasis added 3) Good question. Here I'll go with my opinion. Answer - yes, if JCAR approved it to be 2x2. Lastly, I agree with you completely. There should be uniformity. My disagreement has only been over the issue of whether a sign can be larger than 4x6 and be lawful. At this time, based on the rules, it can. This is not unlike the EPA, with whom I'm positive you are familiar. Congress or our legislature, as the case may be, passes a law saying that water must run uphill, and mandates that the Agency (federal) or Department (state) shall promulgate rules and regulations to implement this ACT. The devil is in the details, and when you turn "crats loose to develop rules and regulations, they will do so. In spades! And there may or may not be a plumber among them. You, as the one tasked to actually make water run uphill will have to abide by their rules and requirements, no matter how many other ways you could do so. Water can run uphill by installing a pump. The EPA will tell you the size of the pipe, the type of material of the pipe, the inspection/pressure standards of the pipe, the capacity of the pump,how it's to be connected and wired, and on and on. None of those requirements is in the Act, just the authority to make rules. Making rules is what they do, and noncompliance runs straight into the full force of law, with both civil and criminal penalties. The only uniformity in the mandated signs will be the content or looks of the graphic, not their size. ISP has said that the graphic shall not be smaller than 4x6, so that has become a minimum requirement. By rule, there is no requirement where the graphic is on the sign. I can only imagine what some will place on other areas of whatever size "sign" they choose to post. It is what it is. You're right, it shouldn't be that way for the protection of FCCL holders, but there's probably no one on the rule committee within ISP who advocated for that. Bushy Edit for quote
  5. Let me try this. The state of Illinois enacts a law that says that residential bathtub drains shall be 2" pipe (FCCA, Sec 65 (d) 4x6 sign). That same law says that local zoning boards (ISP) may make rules to implement the requirement. Schaumburg's zoning board (ISP) says that residential bathtub drains shall be no smaller than 2" pipe. You have been hired by a Schaumburg homeowner (any private property owner) to install a new residential bathtub drain. The homeowner wants a 4" drain (a bigger sign) on his tub (his door). A) Are you allowed to install a 4" drain for the homeowner? Must you install the state required 2" drain (4x6 sign) alongside the 4" (his preferred larger sign)? Bushy Edit: emoticon is supposed to be a B
  6. If the building code says a drain pipe must be no smaller than a 2" pipe, and the homeowner asks you to install a 4' drain pipe, must you put in a Y and also install the 2" drain pipe alongside the 4"? You choose to ignore "no smaller than." Bushy
  7. pipedoc said: 628 provided shall be reproduced NO SMALLER THAN the 4" x 6" dimension required by 629 the Act somewhere on the larger sign.WW's sign is 8" x 11" and does not reproduce the 4" x 6" sign on the larger sign. ______________________________ The caps and underline were added by me. The reproduced graphic (sign) Wally is using is not smaller than 4"x6". This rule does not say the 4x6 sign must be there, in addition to any larger reproduction. Bushy
  8. papa, No, the template must be at least 4 x 6, but can be larger. Ty, Bentonville, Arkansas, Wally's corporate HQ. Bushy
  9. You have it right, Ty. And I'll be checking back with the store. I've not received an acknowledgement from Arkansas. Bushy
  10. In the language you quote, no. But in the graphic they created to conform with this section and which ISP has identified as "official," there is a border. And in their response to Uncle Harley they said to be sure to include the black border. Bushy
  11. rmp said: Not sure how this can be confusing? It's in clear easy to read English. Very clearly states applies to ON DUTY EMPLOYEES & VENDORS ONLY. Why is everyone reading more into this than it is. ISP also clearly states the requirements for the NO CARRY signage to be valid. This sign posted at Wal-Mart clearly does not meet ISP requirements. ____________________________ Because? Cite? Or is this opinion? Bushy
  12. Exactly. And Uncle Harley raised a good point that I had missed: the black border isn't on the Wally sign. Impact? Bushy
  13. I did, at 10 something yesterday morning. Sent an email to Wally, too. It's posted in this thread. Bushy
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