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  1. Applied for renewal with change of address on 6/7/21. CCL expired 8/3/21. Still no movement on the ISPFSB website as of yet (11/1). Have made a few purchases past 8/3 and did not encountered any issues. Silly state.
  2. Check out the Wisconsin DNR website, they have an interactive map for ranges, the ranges operated by the DNR all seem to be outdoor ranges. Personally will be taking a camping trip up to Yellowstone Lake, Lord willing, that has an out door range where I will be working similar drills like the OP mentioned.
  3. You're fine. Recreational dispensaries in the State of Illinois are prohibited by law from sharing your information. My girlfriend works for one of the major corporate pot companies and this question has come up so often that her company created a little infographic for their customers to assure them that their purchase history will not be shared and will not prohibit their ability to purchase or carry a firearm.
  4. I just did a change of address myself on 4/20. I email ISP and was informed that my current cards are still valid during the address change and that I may continue to carry. From what I've read here, email seems to be the best way to reach someone at ISPFSB. Ask_CCL@isp.state.il.us
  5. Walmart is known for not posting, which makes it a great place to take your first stroll with your CCL, otherwise known as the wallywalk. I took my first stroll at a Mariano's because I don't have a Walmart close to me.
  6. From my understanding, when one does a change of address on the ISP FSB website it is normal for your status to say "under review" after submitting an address change. The name on the credit card shouldn't matter, I paid for my Dads FOID card as well and there was no issue. You Dads old FOID card should also still be valid, that is if it is not expired yet, while waiting for the new one to arrive. "Under review" when doing a change in address is not the same as when one initially applies for their FOID However, I could be mistaken here and welcome any insight from any well informed members.
  7. Applied w/o prints 06/15/16 Added Prints 08/02/16 Active 08/03/16 In Hand 08/05/16 (Today!) Total Time: 51 Days Lake County Very glad that I was able to find the time to get prints done. A Homestar emoticon? Truly a great forum!
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