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  1. Arms control to Biden means, you give them $83 billion of arms and they now control them. Afterward he gave a speech. He was quoted as saying, "Come on, Man. You know, the thing? You dog faced pony soldier!" The Washington Post called it "His most inspired speech, ever!"
  2. Welcome to Texas! I left Illinois about a year ago. My first task here was to get a Texas driver's license, a tough task due to Covid. Once I got that I took a Texas License to Carry class and then applied for the LTC. Surprisingly, two weeks after applying, I received the card in the mail. Texas now has constitutional carry. But, get the card anyway. That way you can carry in other states that recognize it.
  3. Time was, I was a programmer. Wrote software for trading the futures markets. Because money was on the line we had to make sure our software was absolutely fool proof. The only problem was, they kept coming up with better fools!!
  4. One issue rarely discussed or recognized is that having a concealed carry license is actually a good thing when dealing with law enforcement officers. Regardless of your color, ethnicity, etc. when they see you have a CCL they know you have already passed an investigation that indicates you are, basically, a good guy. Bad guys, convicted felons, sexual predators, etc. cannot get an Illinois CCL.
  5. LTC (License to Carry) application in Texas - ID card received after two weeks. Got out of Illinois just in time!!
  6. We moved to Texas in August. I did my LTC (License to Carry) stuff in October after waiting forever to get a TX driver's license. Got my finger prints done Nov. 4th. Got my permit today! So here in Texas, the time to get your permit is roughly two weeks after you complete the application and prints. Cost is only $40. So glad we made the move!
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