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  1. So - with very little verifiable information about the full scope of this incident, what should be done that would prevent another tragedy? From what I've seen his family apparently thought he was an angel who was incapable of violence. Waiting periods? After all, there are only so many Bonnie Elmasris and Carol Bownes in the world, and it's not like these criminals have any history of planning their adventure of evil for longer then 10 days. Bans of magazines over 10 rounds - because they've never been used in a shooting event? {/sarc} Raise the age for all firearms to 21? Fine, as long as you raise the age to vote, sign contracts, engage in intimate relations and get an abortion to that. (funny how those would be "infringements" the hoplophobe side cares about) Should we ban all guns for the children? Because that's what El Hispanico Falso would suggest - with maybe a small cutout for hunting rifles and shotguns holding 3 rounds or less and 20 rounds or less of ammo (after a psychological screening, paying for a license and allowing police to enter your home without a warrant at any time) - for The Children™, of course. I thought this was a pro-RKBA site.
  2. Of course this will work - until the majority of offenders using "ghost guns" in crimes are found to be under the purview of one legislative caucus or another. Then strict enforcement will be deemed to be offensive and bias-driven, and we'll wind up with yet another selectively prosecuted law that's only used to charge deplorables. “Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” Justice Brandeis in Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438, 485 (1928).
  3. BTW, I actually worked with a guy who was a victim of this scheme. Years ago, he stopped off at a gas station on the south side after going hunting at the DPCA. He squealed his tires and got lit up by CPD. When asked if he had any guns in the vehicle he replied truthfully that he did, he presented his FOID and informed them he had an unloaded shotgun in a case in the bed of his truck. They seized the shotgun and charged him with possession of an unregistered firearm, even though his DL and FOID clearly indicated he was a resident of a community 28 miles north of the border of Chicago, and as a non-resident you could not register firearms in Chicago. Long story short the Corporate Counsel offered to drop the charge if he surrendered the shotgun, and his attorney uncle said it wasn't worth paying more for a lawyer than the shotgun was worth. Needless to say they weren't nearly as opinionated about RKBA as most of us here. So his charge got dropped, and his shotgun became just another firearm to put on the press table as a "gun taken off the street" by (D)a machine.
  4. Did you know that our current CCW law started out as HB 183 - a bill about signs concerning fees at ATM's? (D)a machine poison pilled Phelp's Family and Personal Protection Act (HB 997) with 8 amendments (including a 40 hour training requirement) to the point it was unsalvageable less than two months after the Moore decision. And despite rules that prohibit fast tracking bills into law, they had HB 183 perform over 91 separate actions between both bodies on a single day...
  5. So I've been tracking this topic to provide as updated a curriculum as I can. The only change in prohibited areas that made it to Public Act level was the removal of "Riverboat" and addition of "Illinois" to Section 16: (16) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of a gaming facility licensed under the Illinois Riverboat Gambling Act or the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975, including an inter-track wagering location licensee. So what will happen to visitors to the CCFP? Also, will this make the slot shops prohibited places? I think they're covered under the Video Gaming Act, but figured I'd ask.
  6. The left seems to have an affinity for Orwell. Sadly, they saw then not as warnings, but as how-to books.
  7. Seems impossible in the day and age when even grade schoolers can access PACER, but I offered this on that page: I guess the Edmonds corporate counsel never heard of the Heller decision. So much for lawyer equating with "learned".
  8. I'm in the queue... change of address (same city, same ZIP) filed 4/22, (sent to be) printed 5/4. Better than the extended wait (well over 30 days) I had moving from the south side of town (ZIP A) to the north (ZIP B ) that required a plea to St. Molly for intervention.
  9. One of my students waited nearly 2 years - it may have had to do with the former mis-interpretation of the "judicially required treatment" for DUI (or he was lazy). He was approved without delay or question.
  10. Just like CCW. The emeriti of the IRP were all opposed to CCW even before '95-96 when they might have been able to slip it by. In the years between Heller and the filing of Moore I repeatedly stated that the only way we'd see CCW here was through the courts. Sadly, the same is probable for the FOID, especially when the state has the money and corruption influence to stall out completely legitimate exemplar cases like Horsley until the plaintiff loses standing.
  11. Rather than making the collar the 51st state, make Chicago a District like Columbia. Gives them the same number of federal reps, no senators, but it also detaches them from Illinois politics.
  12. The same way that Horsley v Trame never was - continuance continuance continuance and perhaps a judiciary whose families have standing invitations to the parties at the defendant's campaign headquarters.
  13. Just got this from ISP.Instructor.Docs: <quote>I have attached your credentials to your account and updated the information on file. Just for future reference, you can send any instructor questions to this email address. There is no place on the portal for you to upload your instructors credentials. You just send them to this email address and I will get them attached and update the file for you. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!</quote>
  14. Anybody else getting a slew of unwanted text messages suddenly? And I could find no info on "People Who Play By The Rules PAC" but they've bought a heck of a lot of time for ads on WIND and WLS. Found out "PWPBTR" is Dan Proft's (WIND host) PAC. He apparently favors Bailey.
  15. After eliminating local ammo dealers for decades by offering pricing they couldn't match, they chose to not sell ammo for modern practical defense baby killing assaulty guns. Have a shotgun, or a 38-206 Unobtanium? They'll have that.
  16. So I went to change my address and remembered this thread. I searched the site and, of course, found nothing. So sent my credentials attached to a polite email suggesting adding an "update credentials" option, as the only items we have are change address/phone #, change user ID or business name or cancel certificate. I sent them to ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov, ISP.AskFOIDandCCL@illinois.gov, ISP.CCW.Illinois@illinois.gov, and CCW_Illinois@isp.state.il.us. So far CCW_Illinois@isp.state.il.us - bounced, even though I've received mail from them before. Just got this: Will update if I hear anything.
  17. Oh, we got CC Forest Preserves, but in the long standing tradition, if gun owners get something, they have to give something - or 27 somethings. Just looked at the House Amendment - (14) Any adventure course or zipline, aquatic center, campground, equestrian center, nature center grounds, picnic grove, playground, sledding hill, sledding hill grounds, and any parking area of any of the aforementioned under the control of the Cook County Forest Preserve District, and any public or private gathering or special event conducted on property that requires the issuance of a permit by real property under the control of the Cook County Forest Preserve District. So fewer restrictions and those are limited to CCFP and, of course, the Botanic.
  18. Given Morton Grove's history, they were probably looking for a way to close it as soon as they agreed to purchase the building. I'm only surprised that it took them that long.
  19. In every other state in the union there was great hubbub, hue and cry about "Blood In The Streets™", kids getting guns from ice cream trucks and increases in criminal use due to CCW licensees - none of which have yet occurred (still waiting from FL & GA in the 80's). Typically after such predictions go unfulfilled, the legislatures start to relax the rules about concealed carriers after nearly a decade, usually expanding the places they can carry, reducing fees, eliminating live fire quals...but not (D)a graft state of Ill-annoys. After all, we evil unsympathic child killing mass shooting (by association) gun owners dared to expose their dirty laundry in a Federal Court, as well as the incompetence of their decades long legal argument of "because we can, it might make society safer (even though we cannot prove it) and it's not nonsensical". So now it appears we sit and wait for them to whittle away at our hard-won Right until they get to the point where it becomes so egregious that the Federal courts recongize it - assuming anyone is around that is willing to actually fight rather than play the role of Judenrat and negotiate for laws that are onerous but less so. So glad I decided to stay here instead of moving to Idaho.
  20. And here I was upset because my renewal on January 27, 2020 was still showing "under review" even though I haven't moved since 2016...
  21. You know it has to be the Feds because the IL AG will never investigate corrupt Illinois politicians. Thats not The Chicago Way. Probably also from the fact that they'd be hard pressed to find a judge that wouldn't have to recuse themselves due to intimacy with the accused - and you know judges from surrounding states couldn't be bullied into exonerating the graft that would be revealed.
  22. Start by contacting your County Board rep. Then it's a matter of having them propose the resolution and try to find co-sponsors. When we tried to have Lake County file a resolution supporting the "individual rights" interpretation of the 2A in the months before the Heller decision, the Board wimped out demurred, claiming it was "outside their purview" - even though over 90 passed identical resolutions. The rep from Waukegan literally put his feet on his desk and catcalled us during the public comment section. He later was a 1-term mayor who ran on his late father's legacy and name. BTW, courtesy of the Effingham Daily News
  23. Send a notarized, certified letter to your FOID possessing friend and the police giving them permission to release the firearms to your friend.
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