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  1. And here I was upset because my renewal on January 27, 2020 was still showing "under review" even though I haven't moved since 2016...
  2. We know you are busting your butt trying to have positive effects, but while you are doing what you can, where you can, when you can, with no penalties established either on the state or the employees themselves for timeliness, who really cares, especially those certain employees who don't see RKBA as a "real" Right?
  3. Additional staffing and compensating for the line-item removal of FSB employees by Blago and Quimby were some of the reasons they claimed to need to set the fee at $150. That, and of course, to be just under the amount a court might find "unreasonable" (ie, greater than $152.50, the cost for CCW for a Denver CO resident).
  4. You know it has to be the Feds because the IL AG will never investigate corrupt Illinois politicians. Thats not The Chicago Way. Probably also from the fact that they'd be hard pressed to find a judge that wouldn't have to recuse themselves due to intimacy with the accused - and you know judges from surrounding states couldn't be bullied into exonerating the graft that would be revealed.
  5. While there are many folks at the ground level in the ISP who support RKBA and 2A (to the point of going to court in 2011 to refuse the Attorney General's office demanding the names of FOID holders be released to John O'Connor of the Associated Press under FOIA), the political appointees - especially under (D) governors - somehow don't seem to share their sentiments, some going so far as to publicly support draconian anti-2A measures using their official ISP positions and titles.
  6. Start by contacting your County Board rep. Then it's a matter of having them propose the resolution and try to find co-sponsors. When we tried to have Lake County file a resolution supporting the "individual rights" interpretation of the 2A in the months before the Heller decision, the Board wimped out demurred, claiming it was "outside their purview" - even though over 90 passed identical resolutions. The rep from Waukegan literally put his feet on his desk and catcalled us during the public comment section. He later was a 1-term mayor who ran on his late father's legacy and name. BTW, courtesy of the Effingham Daily News
  7. Send a notarized, certified letter to your FOID possessing friend and the police giving them permission to release the firearms to your friend.
  8. I believe that minors without ID's or DL's are the exception to the SoS/DMV photo use, and requires a paper application, but I may be mistaken.
  9. A customer of mine lost his wallet - with his FOID in it. I helped him with the online portal (he has no clue about posting pictures), and he called a week later to ask the status. They told him at least 30 days, probably because the NICS check they run on all of us every single day isn't enough, you know...
  10. We asked about this in the academy. 720 ILCS 5/33A-1 only applies while in the process of committing a felony as an aggravating charge - at least that's what the ADA who instructed us said.
  11. How many nonresidents have FOID's? I thought that was one of the conundrums of the old UUW that was addressed by Holmes in 2011.
  12. Just like FCCL holders have to abide by the "cooling off" period to purchase a new firearm when we have one on our person...
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