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  1. A reminder to those who lump street cops with the brass: until recently, you did not have to be an Illinois police officer to be appointed Police Chief or elected Sheriff. In fact, if you currently occupy the office you can still fill the position without being certified , say, like a lawyer turned legislator turned administrative assistant who magically became Sheriff <cough> sorry, feels like I've got a DART in my throat <cough>. If an appointee goes against his appointer, he or she will be out of a job. In the case of certain Sheriffs of metropolitan counties with a population greater than 5 million (as if), he'd lose his campaign money and apparatus (D)a state committee currently provides. There have been several times where Illinois Law Enforcement has stood with the citizenry. Despite the bluster of Superintendent Garry "Streetlights" McCarthy (also not an IL LEO) about officers shooting CCW holders, within days of HS183 becoming law, the CPD administration issued a Special Order instructing officers about the new reality of CCW in IL, as well as reversing a long-standing policy of confiscating firearms not used in firearms crimes as "evidence" (which required at least a trip to CPD HQ during business hours, and sometimes a court-issued "no, there really is no case" order) and instead listing them as "found property" which could be recovered at the local district.
  2. A resident should also file a complaint with the ILAG about their violation of the Open Meetings Act. They were apparently shielding the discussion of the proposed ordinance under the "security measures" exemption and the public meeting was the first time they admitted to it.
  3. I was able to download my Instructor creds in PDF and submitted them that way. They were accepted.
  4. Well, maybe when the left says "give up _____, and then we'll leave you alone" this time they really mean it. They crossed their heart and swore to die!
  5. Happy to help! It was a surprise to me. I'd found it actually searching the Tribune archives and noticed a story bemoaning the "weapons law". Diving into the webhole I was able to find the law, although I haven't been able to find the actual repeal of it yet. So it seems Nitti's "I got a permit" reply in "the Untouchables" might have been accurate - but only before 1924.
  6. Not many people know, but the FCCA is the 2nd time we've had CCW here. The first time was from 1919 to 1924, thanks to Senator Frank Sadler (R) Chicago, and the Act that bore his name - Senate Bill 88 in 1919. The law as it existed: After non-stop propaganda by the Chicago Media, it was repealed by Elmer Schnackenberg, a progressive Chicago (R) who was the majority leader at the time. He later became a Federal Judge. Google Books Link - PAge 635: https://books.google.com/books?id=xplCAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA613&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false
  7. So quote me. Obviously I did. I'm sorry if my use of your own words offends you. Ad in a bunch horse apples that I never said or implied. You're the one that quoted (in summary not verbatim) a celebrated hater of the RKBA. I simply offered "solutions" that Beta and company have suggested. If you support Beta in this issue, it seems fairly obvious you'd support his ideas on this issue. If you were truly concerned about being specific to his comments about Abbott, perhaps you should have distanced yourself from a known anti-RKBA politician and offered alternatives. Instead, you acted like a governor in a state that allows bills to become law without his signature. At election time you go to people who supported the issue and boast about not vetoing it, then run to opponents and tell them you didn't sign it into law, please vote for me. Then put the site down at the end. I wasn't putting the site down at all... I was wondering why an apparent supporter of Beta and his anti-2A stance would bother participating here. This is almost a good passive aggressive rant ! All I did was quote you, and, lacking any clear differentiation, identified the points supported by your hero on this matter. If I was mistaken your reply would have been the perfect time to define exactly how you disagree with issues like Beta's repeated calls for government confiscations of civilian firearms. Instead, you focused on me. Others might feel honored that they were the focus, but all I see is sidestepping and failing to specify any difference in your stance and that of Mister "heck, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47". It wasn't until you responded to mauserme that you offered "I did not say nor did I imply that O'Rourke's idea's/opinions on how to fix the issues were the correct way to do it" - and then offer "How about doing something to insure they will live long enough to have there own children" which mauserme even called out as undefined. What's next - claim to be "a diehard supporter of the 2A" without clarifying what that means to you (or anyone else)? If it seems to be passive aggressive, perhaps it's for a lack of name calling and insults. Besides being against the CoC here, in my years defending the issue in person, in ink (back in the day) and online, aggressive behavior is most often utilized by hoplophobes and statists who don't have facts and statistics to support their position, or can't actually debate the issue past the propaganda points without resorting to ad hominems (personal attacks). True passive aggression is refusing to clarify your opinion, then being offended and claiming your position was misrepresented.
  8. So - with very little verifiable information about the full scope of this incident, what should be done that would prevent another tragedy? From what I've seen his family apparently thought he was an angel who was incapable of violence. Waiting periods? After all, there are only so many Bonnie Elmasris and Carol Bownes in the world, and it's not like these criminals have any history of planning their adventure of evil for longer then 10 days. Bans of magazines over 10 rounds - because they've never been used in a shooting event? {/sarc} Raise the age for all firearms to 21? Fine, as long as you raise the age to vote, sign contracts, engage in intimate relations and get an abortion to that. (funny how those would be "infringements" the hoplophobe side cares about) Should we ban all guns for the children? Because that's what El Hispanico Falso would suggest - with maybe a small cutout for hunting rifles and shotguns holding 3 rounds or less and 20 rounds or less of ammo (after a psychological screening, paying for a license and allowing police to enter your home without a warrant at any time) - for The Children™, of course. I thought this was a pro-RKBA site.
  9. Of course this will work - until the majority of offenders using "ghost guns" in crimes are found to be under the purview of one legislative caucus or another. Then strict enforcement will be deemed to be offensive and bias-driven, and we'll wind up with yet another selectively prosecuted law that's only used to charge deplorables. “Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” Justice Brandeis in Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438, 485 (1928).
  10. BTW, I actually worked with a guy who was a victim of this scheme. Years ago, he stopped off at a gas station on the south side after going hunting at the DPCA. He squealed his tires and got lit up by CPD. When asked if he had any guns in the vehicle he replied truthfully that he did, he presented his FOID and informed them he had an unloaded shotgun in a case in the bed of his truck. They seized the shotgun and charged him with possession of an unregistered firearm, even though his DL and FOID clearly indicated he was a resident of a community 28 miles north of the border of Chicago, and as a non-resident you could not register firearms in Chicago. Long story short the Corporate Counsel offered to drop the charge if he surrendered the shotgun, and his attorney uncle said it wasn't worth paying more for a lawyer than the shotgun was worth. Needless to say they weren't nearly as opinionated about RKBA as most of us here. So his charge got dropped, and his shotgun became just another firearm to put on the press table as a "gun taken off the street" by (D)a machine.
  11. Did you know that our current CCW law started out as HB 183 - a bill about signs concerning fees at ATM's? (D)a machine poison pilled Phelp's Family and Personal Protection Act (HB 997) with 8 amendments (including a 40 hour training requirement) to the point it was unsalvageable less than two months after the Moore decision. And despite rules that prohibit fast tracking bills into law, they had HB 183 perform over 91 separate actions between both bodies on a single day...
  12. So I've been tracking this topic to provide as updated a curriculum as I can. The only change in prohibited areas that made it to Public Act level was the removal of "Riverboat" and addition of "Illinois" to Section 16: (16) Any building, real property, or parking area under the control of a gaming facility licensed under the Illinois Riverboat Gambling Act or the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975, including an inter-track wagering location licensee. So what will happen to visitors to the CCFP? Also, will this make the slot shops prohibited places? I think they're covered under the Video Gaming Act, but figured I'd ask.
  13. The left seems to have an affinity for Orwell. Sadly, they saw then not as warnings, but as how-to books.
  14. Seems impossible in the day and age when even grade schoolers can access PACER, but I offered this on that page: I guess the Edmonds corporate counsel never heard of the Heller decision. So much for lawyer equating with "learned".
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