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  1. I REALLY appreciate everyones feedback. I **may** have found a location within 30 minutes. I'm still working on the details with the owner. I will keep you posted though because this seems like my next viable option. Hopefully I have an answer by the end of next week.
  2. Does anyone know of any outdoor shooting ranges (I'm in Northern Illinois) that allow drawing from a holster and/or shooting on the move? Would be willing to pay extra money to have this as an option. Even if I have to go into Wisconsin, just looking for any recommendations. Sheeesh I would pay someone to shoot on their land as well. If you want send me a PM. I would be willing to drive up to 3-4 hours. I'm wanting to get into the competition scene but basically all the ranges that I have been looking at do not fit the bill. Just doing bullseye shooting is not cutting it for me anymore.
  3. 579 days since submitting and I can now report that I have my card in hand. Someone got my card in the mail and sent it back to the ISP. The ISP was basically holding it until I contacted them. Hope to never go through this lengthy process again!
  4. I was wondering what I should do in this instance. I have not received my card it was apparently "lost" in the mail. When I click on the website to report as lost I get told this: If you have not received your card within that time contact the Firearm Services Bureau Call Center at (217) 782-7980. I have tried calling this number numerous times and can never get anyone to talk to. Should I fork over another $75 to get the card replaced without getting a hold of them? After waiting the 558 days to go active and now waiting their recommended period of time to report it lost. This is just my luck. They shouldn't even advertise that number because you can't reach anyone. This entire renewal process has been a complete and object failure for me.
  5. Interesting. I was already signed up for this service but basically never look at the mail section (I just check the package section). Sure enough on Wednesday it showed a envelope from the ISP was scanned. I have yet to actually get that piece of mail yet. Since yours was delayed until getting it, I will give it up to a week to see if it shows up. Stay tuned…
  6. I can't believe the day finally came. Made it to 558 days (applied 3/8/2020). Finally showing up as active, I do not have the card in hand yet. Per Illinois Statute, renewals with fingerprints shall be issued 90 days after submission. My renewal with fingerprints took them 558 days... I don't think that statute means anything.
  7. I made it over the 500 day mark. 527 days and counting for my renewal. Yippie!
  8. What is the current status on the ISP portal today? Does it say Active Covid Under Review or Under board review Are you still carrying due to the Covid policy of a non expiring CCL. And lastly, pm MollyB with you information and work with her as she does miracles sometimes. Good Luck and keep us posted. Thank you for the info! I am showing Active Covid Under Review. I am absolutely still carrying since I technically am active. I bring a printout of the portal with me. This 100% impacts certain transactions that I ran into (companies want to see an active card not a expired one). I’ll send a PM to MollyB and see if she would have any recommendations.
  9. I officially have had enough of this. I have been waiting 417 days for my renewal. Is there a state representative that I can contact? Can someone point me in the right direction?
  10. Every month I go and check and still see the same thing. Submitted a CCW renewal on 3/8 with fingerprints on file and still waiting. Make that 271 days and still counting. Down right ridiculous and getting fed up its taking this long. Is there any option that I have? I just want piece of mind to have a non-expired card on me.
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