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  1. I checked my status today and it seems we have movement! After a somewhat lengthy waiting period, by using the inspect element trick, I find my status now reads "<span class="APPROVED">Under Review</span>". I'm not certain what comes next but from reading other posts it sounds like a bit more waiting for the next batch to be processed by the printer followed by USPS delivery, perhaps another 10 days or so. While obviously my CCL is not yet in hand, this status change is very exciting news! Nobody is pleased with the extended wait times, but personally i'm very thankful for all the kind folks here who have helped me navigate the CCL process. Thank you! Without this site, we would likely be left with writing a letter to an unknown recipient or having to pay an attorney follow up on our behalf.
  2. yes I did. First I was excited when I saw "approved" on the right side but then I realized I was doing it wrong and found <span class="SUBMITTED">Under Review</span> on the left. ok, 21 short days isn't so bad. thank you.
  3. Application date shows 3-9-2020 with prints according to the web site. right now I'm right around 133+ calendar days. Should I be concerned? What can/should I do? I can't help but feel as though my application got hung up in the gears somehow as it seems most people are experiencing wait times right around the "suggested" 90/120 days.
  4. I applied March 9th 2020 with prints. Now at 107 ish days and still waiting. Status is under review.
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