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  1. I'm trying to stop, I really am. That's exactly what the other organization fought for, got specific laws passed, and got lower court rulings in their favor. The state supreme court ruled otherwise and no funds are special. The governor or the legislative bodies can use them as they see fit. Now the new law actually exempted and made at least 3 funds "special", which goes against the court's ruling. That's a different issue, but it does boggle the mind. Please, i'm begging, go talk to that organization. The last I knew, this organization included an ISRA membership form with their own membership renewals. They keep 3 funds from being swept. Ask them how they do that, please. You're wrong, just stating the history and the facts. In 2011 the State Supreme Court issued their ruling. The law was passed in 2018. There's a 30 year history of fund sweeps. Should I show my shocked face? Can you cite the case? Would like to read it.
  2. Fund sweeps funded by taxpayer funds or voluntary fees paid to exercise Constitutional rights? And, the denial of those rights?
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