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  1. Yahoo! Let's hope they get lazy to keep them out until 2022!
  2. WillCo is ok with any of those. Biggest things in Illinois that we can't have are suppressors, SBR's and of course full auto's.
  3. Ding dong the wicked ------- is dead! I will not miss this crooked ding-a-ling. Let's all hope this is true. There is more than enough blame to go around for the destruction of this state but the brunt of it is pointed at this clown. He has never served the people for one day that I can remember only serving himself and his cronies.
  4. ISRA, GOA and 2AF get most of my contributions nowadays.
  5. The person from the Northern 'burbs who wrote this travesty of a bill and trampling of rights is not going anywhere............and now she is scorned! She also has another Northsider in her pocket.........er well he wouldn't fit.
  6. Ding-a-Ling Julie Morrison saying Fix the FOID will speed this up? Amazing................the whole gun control scheme should be abolished.
  7. Grundy County passed the gun sanctuary referendum.
  8. Ahhh Now you spoiled his wait! Wait? That is speedy for this backwards state..............................break their own statutes at will!
  9. Applied for lost card 5/4/2020 Just went approved 10/23/2020 Let's see how long before printed and sent.
  10. 124 days since I lost mine...............still Under Review.
  11. Keeping more than fingers and toes crossed. Surprised they are leading the SCOTUS on this one, although it seems the ISC does not care if any of their decisions are over turned.
  12. What was the result of the Grundy County ballot question for 2A sanctuary?
  13. Let's get Grundy in with the rest of the state..............will leave Crook like a scalded cat! Next step is out of Illifornia altogether!
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