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  1. This guy should be censured or removed from office in the next election. What an embarrassment for the GOP.
  2. Sorry if I offend anyone. But every time I see her or read her name anywhere it’s all I can do to not vomit all over myself. Dustbin, he’s just a tool. But the Duckworthless person, just another example of a waste of human flesh! Tricky dicky dustbin and Scammy tammy duckworthless are both hacks and do absolutely nothing for this state other than take up more breathing air.
  3. Best thing to do is make yourselves a major pain in the neck to the elected reps and senators no matter what party they belong to. Have done that in the past for other 2A related items and actually was on a first name basis with a couple of the aides to the elected reps. Courts and lawsuits take time and $$$$. I give when able and there is a new lawsuit at the federal level about the delays. The whole FOID system needs to be tossed. With all the data available there should be no delay whatsoever.
  4. She either has little to no respect for her target audience, or she hasn't got a clue. Or, perhaps both. Money on both!
  5. Dinginger was mentioned by name from Trump during his speech last Sunday at CPAC. Have not looked at who he is running against but still would hate to lose another R in the House.
  6. McConnel and Trump may be at loggerheads and never see another electable office in their lives but thanks to them there is one less idiot and 4 more decent justices on SCOTUS. Just wish they would take the 2A seriously and soon!
  7. DEMAND seems to be the hot word any more. Is it too much that I demand they shut the **** up? There are maybe a couple of entities that can demand anything........God.......wife once in awhile.......list is real short after that! This is going to be a rough couple of years although 20 months until the next election cycle may the the light at the end of the tunnel, just hope it is not a train.
  8. Waiting for SCOTUS to enforce our laws and Constitution is worse that waiting for two coats of paint to dry. With the present political climate no decision is safe or cast in stone.
  9. Madigan quits: https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/fmr-illinois-house-speaker-michael-madigan-resigns-his-seat-amid-bribery-investigation Sounds like the chickens coming home to roost!
  10. Will anyone miss this vaporhead? What a waste of bloomy's $$$ although he has more than enough to waste!
  11. Whatever someone is willing to pay is the fair market price.
  12. Seems about right. Don't say anything to the federales and when the MD asks if you own firearms always tell the truth and say no!
  13. Hopefully will be seeing you a few months of the year in the future! Great state to move to!
  14. This ding-a-ling is from Texas? Serving her 12th term? What is wrong with this picture? Don't want to get bumped or clamped here so best thing to do is say nothing...........................
  15. Congrats on getting out of the worst ran state in the country!
  16. I agree with the bartending big ego'ed rep from New York..........the House is dangerous while she is there occupying a chair.
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