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  1. Are they both running unopposed in the November election? Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D) 12th District He's running Unopposed in the primary Some background on how he operates Note the Ald. Ed Burke (14th) mention in the article. If you're not familiar with Chicago politics his wife is an Illinois Supreme Court Justice and he just happens to be getting bodyguard protection courtesy of taxpayer dollars. I'm not sure now about Burke even being my Rep since I saw the following on http://ballotpedia.org Burke is running unopposed in the 1st. It's interesting that Daniel Burke just happens to be Ed Burke's brother. My guess is he was put in the 1st to avoid running against Madigan's waterboy Zalewski. I expect Zalewski to win in the 23rd and to be stuck with him. District 23 Note: Incumbent Daniel Burke (D) is running for re-election in District 1. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/images/Blue_Party_dot.png March 20 Democratic primary candidates: Anna GoralMichael Zalewski Incumbent Zalewski was first elected to House District 21 in 2008. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/images/Red_Party_dot.png March 20 GOP primary candidates: No candidates have filed
  2. May as well change mine to reflect my 2013 status. Don't know what I did to annoy God off but I sure as he!! wish I hadn't done it Sen 12 Sandoval Rep 23 Burke
  3. That is an interesting thought Yas. Got anymore logs you want to throw on the fire they're roasting over? :PB)
  4. Wouldn't you though?!! Not a peep, hardly. I sent the email below to most of the Chicago media outlets yesterday and got the response below, so far ABC is the only one. Hopefully they'll give it some coverage.
  5. I think it's likely that the City will ask for en banc review ... I don't think they will. They're already on record admitting that the ordinance was an attempt to preempt court intervention. I think they realize that even if they take that route that a favorable en banc outcome for them will be appealed to the SCOTUS. Jmho here but I don't think Emanuel has the stomach or the money for another fight there after the bill he got for the last trip.
  6. Actually GF Rahm took the ordinance to the Public Safety Committee yesterday and told them to pass it which they did. It was presented to the full City Council today and passed. As to the insult to injury, I think Chicago will be the one suffering that. Since the last line of the ordinance says it will take effect 10 days after passage and publication I think an argument could be made that Chicago is liable for court costs since there is technically no ordinance in place. It would be funny as he!! to me if Rahm and the City Council started financing the ISRA air strikes over Chicago
  7. All isn't lost ming. I've been calling Madigan's offices for about 5 years and they actually talk to me now. Sometimes it just takes a little while to get the point across
  8. Need to change Viverito to Landek for me. Madigan just appointed him a couple of weeks ago.
  9. I should have it so good :Crying. =-(:, ishmo Sen 11 - Viverito Rep 22 - Madigan
  10. Try downloading Open Office, it's a free download off the net. Do a Google search for it and you can have it for free. It's basically a MS Office program for free....has all the stuff Gates gets rich off only it's frre
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