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  1. As above. I'm sure the great (big) governor will be limiting gatherings by then so I'll have limited spots. Information and email link to sign up are at: https://www.facebook.com/TricoAreaFirearmsTraining. You don't need to have a book of faces account to view the page.
  2. They're looking for instructors that cheat the system and shortchange their students by cutting hours, contents, etc. I know of one locally who was giving permits out for four hours of "class." The qualification target was an old dresser on the burn pile behind his house. ISP was made aware of it but apparently wasn't interested as he's still on the list of approvied instructors.
  3. Relax. I'm well aware of that. Just thought I'd throw an example of somebody f'ing up out there. Had a similar situation again tonight. It should also be needless to say that he wouldn't have been charged with a CCL violation. He would have been charged with Aggravated UUW. In the OP, you said you were looking for: That's different from CCL-holders doing things other than violating the FCCL Act. If you're really just looking for any and all stupid things CCL-holders have done with a firearm, there's probably no reason to limit it to CCL-holders. Just tell your classes "Here are some stupid things people have done with firearms. Having a CCL wouldn't have made them smart."
  4. Since posting this thread, I actually had an incident in which a rural resident stopped a truck on his road (one way in, one way out) while the truck was coming back out. Somehow, the burglary victim was convinced that it was the suspect that stole some of his tools a week prior. (He was sadly mistaken and we have no clue why he thought it was the suspect. The guy he stopped had absolutely nothing to do with it and maybe was just stopped because the victim didn't recognize him.) Anyway, the victim pulled a handgun and pointed it at the motorist and demanded that he stay there while he called 911. The motorist said '**** this' and drove off. The burglary victim fired a shot at his truck, hitting the tailgate. He then got in his truck and chased the motorist. He stated that he was "in pursuit" on the 911 call and refused to stop chasing him at the dispatcher's direction. The burglary victim had no CCL, which was irrelevant in this situation anyway. Needless to say, he went to jail.
  5. That will help! I'll dig more into that tomorrow night if work slows down. Thank you!
  6. I'm not having any luck finding any information/stats/articles on any concealed carry holders having been charged for a violation of the concealed carry act. I'd like to use these as examples of what not to do (or just as people that have gotten screwed) in my concealed carry classes. If anybody has any information or links, I'd appreciate them.
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